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Posts by: Ahmed

My name is Ahmed. I am currently a final year Accounting and Finance student trying to get my degree. I work in marketing, go running a lot, drink way too much coffee and am always glued to my phone.

3 students at an open day

How to make the most of open days

Going to university open days can really help you make a decision about where to study. Trust me I know, […]

What should I eat?

We all have the same problem. Deciding what we should eat, if we should get dessert, if we eat something […]
University of Salford 'Welcome' bunting

BLOG: My favourite places on campus

Everyone has their own favourite spots on campus where they like to hang out. Here, I’m going to run through my […]
Image: open book

8 tips to make revision more fun

Revising for exams can be hard and stressful and no-one wants to do it, but unfortunately it’s likely you will have […]

BLOG: A week without my smartphone

When I look around I see one thing: everyone using their phones. Why? What is our obsession with our smartphones? […]
Image: Stefanos Patelis

Interview: Stefanos Patelis

Stefanos Patelis is currently a BSc Business & Management student within the Salford Business School. Now on his academic placement with SALFOOD, I thought […]
Image: Keyboard

A final year student’s guide to applying for graduate jobs

So you’ve read our advice about where to look for graduate jobs, now find out how to apply. You might […]
Image: Students' Union Sabbatical Team 2015-2016

BLOG: Looking back at my time at the University of Salford

Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to go to university, even though I had no idea what […]
Supermarket shopping trolley

Money-saving shopping tips you need to know

Shopping. We need to do it, there’s no escape and sometimes it can get really expensive. Food, clothes, drinks and […]