Who am I?

My name is Seren (it is actually Welsh meaning ‘star’ if you haven’t heard of it) and I’m from a little village in North Wales. I first began university in Salford in 2014 and was drawn to Manchester after many visits here as a teenager. Its community spirit and friendliness reminded me of home…but with more things to do!

I’m really into my fitness and well-being and I’m currently training for the 2018 London Marathon. But I’m a big foodie and love experimenting with new foods and not going on any crazy diets. So checking out restaurants and food festivals in the area is always on my agenda (so you can expect a lot of advice on that).

I love my music, which was one of the many reasons why I chose to come and live in Salford with its rich history and the amount of cheap gigs that are on. I’d say I’m really into my metal music, but I think I listen to just about every genre I can. In the summer you’ll often find me at a music festival, probably complaining about the mud…

Image: Festival Tents

What Do I Do at Salford?

I am currently in my 3rd year obtaining a BA in English Literature and I’ve just finished my dissertation! I love my course for its variety and the ability I have to tailor it to my interests with the array of module choices. I chose to focus my degree on linguistics and contemporary drama and surprised myself with how my interests have changed since sixth form. I think that is the beauty of courses at Salford, because they allow you to grow into a knowledgeable and passionate 20-something with the range of opportunities on offer within your course, and outside of it. The personalised support you get from your tutors also helps to practically develop the quality of your work and makes the experience a whole lot more valuable and inclusive! I also love being a student rep for my course because I can help make it the best for the students around me.

At Salford, I am also the President of the society CATS. CATS stands for Cancer Awareness in Teenagers and Young People Society and we try to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer in young adults within the student community. We do this through engaging student-tailored events and great online marketing (cat based, of course).

Image: CATS Committee

What Do I Hope for in My New Role?

As a Social Media Assistant I hope to help prospective students see Salford for the great place that it is, and to celebrate this fact to those who might want to come here. I think I am rather familiar with the university now, with being here for 4 years, and I want to use what I have learnt about Salford and the surrounding area to give real and useful advice, the kind that I would have wanted to get if I was to go to university again. As a people person, you can expect me to get to the heart of the students already at the university for some inspiring stories.

My Future Aspirations

After university I hope to gain a job within a health-based charity, and maybe do a bit of travelling. I live to help others and would dream of having this as a career to use my skills to benefit other lives, and maybe one day I might also pursue an MA in Linguistics…but I’ll wait and see for now!