Today I’m speaking to first year student, Hope Worth. Hope studies English Literature at Salford and alongside that she is also a School of Arts and Media Representative and a Library Champion. I want to get some great insights from her about how to dive in head first into the university experience!

What made you come to Salford? How did you find applying to the university?

Hope at Library 2

It was super scary at first. I applied straight from college but then decided university wasn’t for me initially, so I took 3 years out to work. I knew I wanted to stay living at home so that definitely contributed to my decision as I needed to be able to commute. I’d known a lot of people that had graduated from Salford, and everybody I spoke to rated it really highly. The opportunities available at Salford were what drove me to accept my place.

Did you find it easy to settle in once you got here?

Yes! It was super easy. I came in knowing nobody. My course mates and I already had a group chat on Facebook, so a few of us arranged a place and time to meet and we made our way to our first class together. Everybody, including students and staff, were really welcoming and friendly, and I went home really happy and excited to get stuck in!

What are you enjoying about your course so far?

Hope, Reading

I love how far reaching it is. When you tell others that you’re studying for an English Literature degree, the first thing that comes to their mind is books. And although this is a massive part of what the degree involves, it’s also drama, plays, poems, history, language, TV, films, real life and much, much more. My degree offers me both a breadth and depth of knowledge; an invaluable thing to gain.

How are you finding your first year?

There is a lot to think about. The reading list is long, and there is definitely a lot of information to take in and process, as with any degree. But at the end of the semester, when exams are over, and essays are handed in, the sense of achievement makes the long days in the library worth it.

You are also a Student Representative. What made you want to get involved with that?

Hope & Jon, Reps

I got an email shortly after I accepted my place at Salford. I made a promise to myself that I would say ‘yes’ a lot more than I used to, so I did! I opened the link in the email and applied straight away knowing I wanted to make a difference everywhere I could!

What do you do in your role?

As with anything, you get out what you put in! I’ve sat on panels for meetings and disciplinary hearings, which not only gives me a chance to give the students a strong voice within the University alongside the staff, but also lets me support students and the values of the University. I have recently started to push for the University to make kettles, microwaves and toasters more available to students, so we can save money on food and be more inclusive of a wider range of dietary requirements.

You are a Library Champion too, how did you get appointed to that role?

Hope, Library Check Out

The Library Champion role comes hand in hand with the School Rep role. We have a strong knowledge of the library and where things are, and if there are titles that students want to get hold of that aren’t already available, we can put in an order for them to get the titles through as a priority and into the library ASAP! Each school currently has a £5,000 budget to spend at the library. It’s there to be used, and students should definitely make the most out of it!

What are you looking forward to in the rest of your degree?

I’m really looking forward to personalising my degree from my second year. I can’t wait to get stuck in to specific modules and topics that I have a strong interest in and can get really passionate about. I’m starting to take in all the options that I have… a year studying abroad, learning a new language, taking on new challenges and projects, all the opportunities a student could want are right there at Salford if you want to take them!

How do you think Salford is setting you up for your future?

Hope in Library

I hope to be able to build on the foundations that Salford gives me. I would love to teach and aim to mirror the help and support that I have received in just 3 months at Salford. It has already provided me with so many opportunities to develop my skills with workshops, careers fairs, and I’m currently in the process of beginning to assist at Salford City College with students retaking English and Math GCSEs thanks to the amazing staff at the University!

Thanks to Hope for speaking to us, and make sure to look at the Arts and Media courses we have on offer here at the University of Salford.