For those who study less creative subjects, Photography is confusing. Always having a camera at hand is of course is essential, but there is a lot more to Photography than meets the eye!

Within my first few weeks back, I’ve had a ton of work and organising to do. Modules within my course are usually around six weeks long – these can include anything from creating books to collaborations. The most recent module I have been working on involved an collaborative site specific exhibition.

Image: Poster for preservation photography exhibition

Site specific? For those who don’t know, site specific is when the work is made with a specific location or site in mind, so the work responds to the venue for example. You’re probably thinking this is absolute madness for a six week project… hold your breath… I had to do it in two! TWO WEEKS!!!

Image: Photograph of India Booth's work 'Conserved: Everyday Image' in situ at exhibition 'Preservation'.

My body of work ‘Conserved: Everyday Image’ @ Caustic Coastal, Preservation Exhibition



BA (Hons) Photography is not easy, it involves a lot of organisation and for you to be on-top of your work. Don’t make the same mistake I did in first year and leave deadlines until the last minute, you’ll regret it. I transferred modules recently which meant my work had to be done within the two weeks. We usually get around five to seven weeks to complete a module, so you can imagine the stress levels. I managed it in the end, and it has taught me that being organised is one of the vital skills for this course.


Image: Photograph of Sam Thompson and Mike Clark's work in situ at exhibition 'Preservation'.

Sam Thompson’s work ‘Forgotten Fridge’ (bottom row photographs) & Mike Clark’s work ‘Impression’ (top photographs).


My modules are built up around three key areas, practical, research and context. First you have to come up with an idea which is evidenced by research, and build a context for the project. Sometimes we are given specific themes for our projects. The theme for my exhibition was ‘Preservation’.

Working within a group of six other Photography students, we tested our teamwork and collaboration skills to put on an exhibition. All the funding, budgeting, marketing, and art handling had to be completed by the group. The exhibition is paired with a research casebook between the group, outlining all our intentions and decisions and why we chose to put on this specific exhibition.


Visitors viewing our work at the exhibition.


Overall the exhibition was successful. It just reiterates to me that if you put your mind to something you can do it, and it will be rewarding. I find that photography in general gives that opportunity to create work in relation to your passion and beliefs, a way of expressing yourself through image.

I have always had a big interest in visual art and photography, I believe if you’re interested in something enough why not try and forge a career within it?

For more information about studying a School of Arts and Media or BA (Hons) Photography course, click the links provided. Feel free to drop a comment with any questions you may have about studying Photography below too!


Special thanks to Sam Thompson for the photography of our event and installation images.