Elena Jones is an MSc International Events Management student who secured a placement with One Stop Social, a specialist hub for social work and care professionals in the UK. We spoke with Elena to find out more about her internship, how it relates to her programme and what her plans are for life after Salford. 

What were the goals of your placement at One Stop Social?

To develop and implement a single marketing strategy for the company and organise a large-scale event to showcase the brand.

What do you feel as though you have achieved during your placement?

I am still in the process of completing it, but I have had the opportunity to manage a convention for 1000 people and with 30 businesses – something I wouldn’t have expected to get the chance to do so soon! The level of responsibility I was given was very rewarding, and the trust placed in me by the team gave me the ability to grow as a marketing professional and event manager. I also was able to see the effects of my strategy on the brand; being able to recognise the positive impact my work had on the company was a great addition to the experience – something I think that comes from working for a small company.

Elena and Matt

How has this helped prepare you for life after University?

I’ve gained a lot of “real world” experience. By being actively involved in the growth of a new businesses and taking on most of the marketing activities for One Stop Social which taught me a lot about what I will encounter in future jobs. In practical terms, I also have a lot of great content to add to my CV, giving me a better chance of securing a good job after University.


Would you recommend doing an internship or placement to other students?

It’s such a beneficial experience, especially if (as I was) you’re using it for your dissertation. It gives you real work to dissect. I never counted myself as hugely academic, but was able to bring what I learnt in lectures to the job, and vice versa! An internship and placement also gives you more of a boost when applying for jobs, and if the internship/placement is successful, you may even get a full time offer from that company!


“An educational experience that gave me the chance to grow as a professional and a person, whilst still being incredibly enjoyable. A chance to be part of a really great team.”

What advice would you give to students who are considering an internship or placement?

100% just go for it. Look for your niche interests but also be willing to try something new, whether it’s a different job title to what you were after or an industry you know nothing about; you’ll learn on the job and be so grateful you chose it!

Did you receive any support when looking for a placement?

Finding a placement position was incredibly easy due to the help I received from the Employability team within the Business School. After I met with Penney and Kerry, they understood the style of work I was looking for and sent me the advert for the role at One Stop Social within a matter of days! I was given guidance for my CV and cover letter and felt like I had support throughout the whole application process.

What are your plans for life after Salford?

I am finishing up my internship in May, then my dissertation for my MSc in June and then into the real world I go! I am applying for jobs in the Manchester area, continuing with my marketing and events career; but there’s also a chance I could stay on with the company I’m currently with – so lots of opportunities.

Thank you to Elena for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk to us and the best of luck for the future! Find out more about work placements and how they can boost your career prospects over on our Employability page.