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Adapting to the education system as an international student

As an international student from Bangladesh, studying and communicating in English every day for was a matter of concern and […]
University of Salford exterior of Maxwell Building

Opening new opportunities in finance – Temisan’s story

Discover how Temisan followed her passion to study MSc Finance at Salford.

Arunima’s Experiences Studying MSc Artificial Intelligence

Arunima decided to make a slight career shift and study MSc Artificial Intelligence. Read her experiences of studying at Salford.

Studying MSc Artificial Intelligence: Emmanuel’s Story

Emmanuel came from a background in Electrical Engineering but decided he wanted to expand his skills. Read his experiences studying MSc Artificial Intelligence.
Yomi, a nursing apprentice, speaking to a patient

Meet our apprentices

Hear from three Salford apprentices about their experience receiving on-the-job training from industry professionals while they study.
Two students chatting at Salford Quays

Overcoming shyness at uni

It’s entirely normal to feel shy or experience some anxiety when you try something new or enter a new stage […]

How Dr Chalee’s PhD at Salford is helping improve cybersecurity in Thailand

Dr Chalee Vorakulpipat was awarded the Royal Thai Government Scholarship to pursue a PhD in the UK. Dr Chalee decided […]

Studying a master’s in dance at Salford: Isabella’s story

Ng Wing Yi Isabella joined Salford from Hong Kong to study MA Dance: Choreography and Professional Practices. We spoke to […]
Two students browsing in a supermarket

Save money on your weekly food shop

Managing your money as a student can be tricky – especially during the current cost of living crisis. Here are our top tips to help you save money on...

I moved nearly 7,000 miles from Singapore to study Journalism at Salford

My name is Maxson, and I am from Singapore. I’m currently in my third year at the University of Salford […]
Students walking in Manchester

Save money on the go

As a student, it’s common to feel strapped for cash, especially as the cost of living rises. We’ve put together our top tips and student-specific hacks that will help...
Four students leaving University House on Peel Park campus

Keep costs down on campus

Managing your money as a student can be tough, especially given the current cost of living crisis. Coming to campus for a lecture or seminar? Read our top tips...
a zoomed in photo pf a snow flake

Surviving Winter in Salford 

Where has the daylight gone? What’s with all the fireworks? Do I need all my clothes to be waterproof now? […]

Discover the Best Spots for Art Lovers in Salford and Manchester

Salford and Manchester, are cities that boasts a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant art scene. If you’re an art […]

Transport for Greater Manchester: A Guide

Moving to a new city and country can be scary, especially trying to learn how to navigate the transport system […]
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized fountain pen, writing a letter

Letter to you: Finding your way forward

Best for: making friends, advice for the future, encouragement and tips for success
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized pencil, writing a letter

Letter to you: Be scared and then be brave

Best for: wellbeing advice, uni memories, encouragement and tips for the future
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized pencil, writing a letter

Letter to you: Big nights out and baked bean lasagne

Best for: uni memories, making the most of student life and general advice for settling in
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized pencil, writing a letter

Letter to you: Top tips for commuters

Best for: mature students, feeling worried and advice for commuters
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized fountain pen, writing a letter

Letter to you: Discover a new side of yourself

Best for: finding balance, encouragement and advice for success
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized pen, writing a letter

Letter to you: Find your tribe and thrive

Best for: disabled students, LGBTQIA+ community, wellbeing advice and general tips for success
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized pencil, writing a letter

Letter to you: Keep calm and drink tea

Best for: uni memories, making friends and encouragement
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized pencil, writing a letter

Letter to you: Take the leap

Best for: making friends, encouragement and general tips for success
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized fountain pen, writing a letter

Letter to you: Cherish the journey

Best for: top tips for growth, making the most of student life and wellbeing advice
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized pencil, writing a letter

Letter to you: Go the extra mile

Best for: general tips for settling in, encouragement and wellbeing advice
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized pencil, writing a letter

Letter to you: Explore at your own pace

Best for: general tips for success, feeling overwhelmed and wellbeing advice
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized pencil, writing a letter

Letter to you: Juggling uni, parenting and part-time work

Best for: over-21s, parents and tips for settling in
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized pencil, writing a letter

Letter to you: Being my international self

Best for: international students, feeling anxious and wellbeing advice
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized fountain pen, writing a letter

Letter to you: Reflecting on my time at uni

Best for: moving away from home, feeling worried and making friends
Illustration: a figure holding a human-sized pen, writing a letter

Letter to you: Advice for this new, exciting stage

Best for: on-campus students, first in the family to go to university, making friends and general tips for success
Princess Street in Manchester

Unlocking northern slang

Like anywhere else in the world, here in the UK, we speak quite differently to what you hear on TV, […]
Red and white fireworks and stars over a navy background

Celebrating your proudest achievements

We asked you what you’re proud of achieving this year – no matter how big or small – and we […]
Denton, Tameside Greater Manchester

Temi’s experience finding accommodation with a family

Temi came to Salford from Nigeria with her family to study MA Production Management for TV, Film and Digital Media. […]

Discover Salford’s History 

You may have spent a lot of time in Salford; whether you’ve been studying on campus or exploring everything the […]
A world map made up of people's faces with lines connecting countries.

5 Ways to Become a Global Citizen 

In an increasingly connected world, there’s never been a better time to grow your global mindset. Having a global mindset is a key […]
An interview candidate shaking hands with a member of the interview panel

Ace Every Interview with a Global Mindset

Found your dream career post-graduation? First thing’s first, you’ll need to ace your interview! Your future interviewers will be on […]

Earth Day: Creating a more sustainable campus

Saturday 22 April is the annual celebration of Earth Day! Earth Day is all about taking time to reflect on […]
Multi coloured silhouettes with different processing styles depicted against a background of fireworks

Celebrating Neurodiversity

There’s no ‘right’ way of thinking, learning and behaving. In fact, there are many advantages that come with thinking differently. […]
A picture of Durga smiling outside of Peel Hall


Durga from India came to study MA Public Relations and Digital Communications as part of the September 2022 intake. Using […]
International Womens day 2023

International Women’s Day 2023: Our graduates

Monday 8 March marks International Women’s Day, a globally recognised event celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of […]
Boarding pass with polaroid pictures. Polaroid: Prathmesh playing guitar

Mumbai to Salford… via Belgium: Prathmesh’s story

Travelling all the way from Mumbai to study an undergrad in Audio and Acoustical Engineering at Salford when he was […]
Rainbow coming out of a megaphone with stars and hearts

How to be an ally to your LGBT+ peers

Starting university often represents a fresh start and brings with it a new-found freedom, so it’s no surprise that many […]
2 people taking a selfie in front of graffiti

Explore the city for free

Manchester and Salford are famous for many things: the architecture, the culture, the music, and most famously of all…the University […]
'Use your voice' 'give honest feedback' written on blue and yellow background

Final year undergrad student? Complete your NSS

The National Student Survey (NSS) is an anonymous voluntary survey for undergraduate students in their final year or equivalent. The […]
Peel Building University of Salford

How Salford Business School is shaping me for a career in digital marketing

Tehreem from Pakistan stumbled into a content marketing role after deciding that she didn’t want to use her degree in […]
Photo of paper with Newyear Resolutions written on it

Get inspired: how to set and stick to your New Year’s resolutions

New year, new Trimester, new blog! Before we entered 2023, we asked you over on Instagram what your New Year’s […]

Our top 5 tips to save money at home

For many of you, not only could this be your first time away from home, but also the first time […]
Photo of the Skyscapers in Deansgate with mist

Making the most of winter in Manchester

Winter is such a magical season, but the cold weather and shorter days can make it feel a tad draining, […]
Photo of mediacity during sunset

My career in sports journalism: Lars’s story

We spoke to Lars from Norway to discuss his career success since graduating from the University and how he found […]
MediaCityUK skyline

Graduate Q&A: Working in TV

Tanaka came to Salford to study for her BA in Television and Radio Production which she said gave her the […]
Salford School of Science, Engineering and Environment Building

Studying computer science: Ola’s story

Ola came from Nigeria to study for a bachelor’s In computer science at Salford. He started by doing the International […]
MediaCityUK skyline

How my practical work led to an internship: Junaid’s story

Junaid has had a lot of work experience during his studies in journalism and public relations and feels confident in […]
An apple placed on top of a stack of books with colored pencils and alphabet blocks to the right

Parenting while studying? This is what you need to know

Being a student as well as a parent can feel overwhelming and tough at times. We understand that juggling parenting […]
Photo of a Tungsten light bulb

Energy savings advice from Professor Richard Fitton

Winter is fast approaching. With the temperature dropping and our winter coats getting more use, it’s the perfect time to […]
Welcome to the University of Salford sign

Your postgrad bucket list

Congratulations, you made it to uni! This is a really exciting time but – take our word for it – […]
Students walking on Peel Park campus

Things you should know as a commuter student

Do you commute to campus? Being a commuter student might make you use campus differently to some of your peers […]
Globe displaying some of the countries our many international students come from

How to get involved as an international student

Coming to university is a huge step for anyone. But it can seem even more daunting if you've travelled to another country to study. Fortunately, we have lots of...
Students in different study spots on campus

Student Spaces on campus

Spending a bit of time at uni but your accommodation is a little far away to go home for a […]
Cartoon of a group of students and staff stood together united

Q&A About Countering Hateful Extremism

We know conversations around extremism can be challenging and confusing at times, but it’s important that we all understand what […]
Student holding their head as they complete work on their laptop

6 Helpful Tips To Avoid Burnout

Working on assessments, dissertations, and preparing for exams can sometimes feel overwhelming. If this feeling persists, it can lead us […]
Photo of medical lab equipment with person's hand wearing blue gloves working

Gaining transferable skills studying BSc Biomedical Science 

At Salford, our focus is on teaching our students the industry-standard skills and transferable skills they need to succeed in […]
Back of a person looking through the glass

Tackling Loneliness At University

University can be one of the most amazing times of our lives. We are constantly meeting new people, making long-lasting […]
Photo of the Quran on top of the prayer mat

Ramadan 2022 : A time for reflection

For those observing Ramadan this year, we share some tips and information about the support services you can access from […]
Image of the Globe

Global Week 2022

This year Global Week took place from 4 – 8 April. It was an opportunity for our students to ask […]
Photo of a latop, with desklamp, books, folder from let to right on top of wooden table

Easy Steps To Tackle Your Assignment

Let’s face it, writing assignments is nobody’s favourite thing about university life, but it’s still a key part for many […]
Photo of test tubes arranged in parallel

Studying MSc Biomedical Science: Sana’s story

Sana from Pakistan dreams of developing novel cancer drugs in future. Read on to find out how her course is […]
Photo of person writing on paper using a blue pen

How To Develop Your Employability Skills

Thinking about future career prospects can sometimes bring a mixture of excitement and nerves. There’s a world of opportunities waiting […]
Two students writing in exam

How To Prepare For Exams

We know you might be feeling a little nervous about upcoming exams, especially if you’ve not sat an exam in […]
Cross roads with a red sky in the background

How To Plan For Your Future

It’s completely normal to find planning for your future daunting. That’s why we’re here to make sure you have everything you […]
Money saved in a jar, graduation cap on top

Top Tips For Sustainable Spending

Managing your finances as a student isn’t always easy. You may be living away from home or learning to budget […]
Image: Globe

Global opportunities for Level 4 students

Does taking your studies or work placement abroad sound like an exciting idea? If you’re a Level 4 student, we […]
Top down photo of application paper with a laptop on the right and a white pen in-between

How have PMC requests changed and why would you need one?

If you feel you are unable to meet your submission deadlines or attend an exam/presentation due to personal circumstances, you […]

Addressing your top study challenges

Attending lectures, asking questions and taking notes are all important parts of going to university. But knowing how and when […]
Photo of an Arduino and breadboard

Maker Space: A cutting-edge facility on campus

Maker Space is an open access workshop located in the basement of the Newton Building. The space is an additive manufacturing […]
Photo of friends laughing in the city center with the tram in the background

Affordable Ways to Travel around Salford and Manchester

Travelling around Salford and Manchester couldn’t be easier thanks to its excellent transport links! From tram services to cycle paths, outstanding rail […]
Photo from the back with the volunteer wearing the salford uni student red student ambassdor hoodie

The Benefits of Volunteering

At Salford, you have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of volunteering roles throughout your studies. These roles are for students with […]
Photo of Micah

Meet Micah: My Industry Advice Scheme Experience

Throughout the year we run professional development programmes to aid your development. We decided to chat with some of the students who have previously taken […]
photo of Abdul standing next to the Royal Aeronautical Society door

Meet Abdul: My Industry Advice Scheme experience

Throughout the year we run professional development programmes to aid your development. We decided to chat with some of the students who have […]
Photo of women wearing a black jacekt with a tote bag talking to counsellor wearing gray blazer

The benefits of attending Career Fairs

We may have an idea of what we want to do when we finish university: what jobs we want to […]
Photo of the back of a student ambassador

How to get involved in uni life (when you’re not a fresher)

It’s easy to feel like the good old days of being a fresher and participating in uni events are over when you’re not a […]
Student speaking to Disability Inclusion Adviser. Text reads: "Disability Support"

Disability support at university

At Salford we want to help all our students as best we can. We recognise that students with a disability, […]
Rachel performing on stage with her colleagues

Why Study Dance: Rachel’s Story

We spoke to Rachel, an MA Dance Performance and Professional Practices student studying at the University of Salford to understand […]
Students walking on Peel Park campus

Ways to keep safe on and around campus

Whilst Salford is a safe place to live and study, there can be times – as there are in all […]
The top of University of Salford student accommodations

Hacks for living away from home

So, you’ve moved into your glossy new accommodation and waved goodbye (temporarily) to your loved ones. This could be the […]
'Your guide to starting' written on navy blue background.

Your guide to starting at Salford

We hope you’re as excited as we are about you joining us at Salford! We’ve written a series of blogs […]

Different ways to look after your mental health

Your mental health is important. Sometimes your experience at university isn’t always what you might have expected, or you might […]
Photo of green plant with coins inside a transparent cup

Top tips to manage your money

For many students, heading to university is your first taste of financial independence, which can make managing your money feel […]
Photo of friends from the back looking at the painting inside the art gallery

Expectations vs reality as an international student

We asked Logan, an international student from the United States, to let us know what she found helpful when she […]

Five ways to improve your study skills

Turning up to your lectures and seminars isn’t where the studying stops. Improving your study skills is the key to […]

Meet Lina: International Foundation Year with Psychology student

We spoke to Lina from Egypt to find out what motivated her to study Psychology and how she has found […]
Photo of different letters in wood stamp

Your glossary for starting uni

Starting somewhere new can be hard, especially when you’re introduced to new words, terms and phrases that other people (we […]
An illustrated version of our registration website

What you need to know for registration

It’s that wonderful time of year again – the time that gets us excited to start (and is kind of […]
Image of an old fashioned typewriter spelling out the word "goals"

The wonder of writing: National Writing Day 2021

My name is Jess Porter and I am a recent graduate from the University of Salford. I studied two English […]
'Become Unstoppable' written on red, white and grey flags

Tips for settling into a new university in the UK

Hi, my name is Esse Ejere and I am an international student from Nigeria studying at the University of Salford. […]
Photograph of the side of Peel Building against a bright blue sky

Develop a global outlook at Salford

Hi, my name is Esse and I am an international student at Salford. Today I am going to give you […]
Photo of Foluke Michael against of white background

UN award winner leads projects to solve global problems

Inspirational Salford MSc Project Management graduate Foluke Michael from Nigeria has won multiple awards and achieved recognition around the world […]
Aerial image of Manchester

Salford vs Manchester: Where should I stay?

Hello, I am Katia Pantsiou, a postgraduate student from Greece. Here are my top tips in choosing whether to live […]
Photo of Aisha with her friends in MediacityUK

Gaining practical experience with PR and Digital Communications

Katia Pantsiou is a postgraduate student here at Salford who came all the way from Greece to study MA Public […]
Aisha at the University of Salford MediaCityUK campus

Studying a creative postgraduate degree: Aisha’s experience

My name is Aisha Aro-Lambo, and I’m studying MSc Public Relations and Digital Communications. This is the story of my […]

Home away from home: Manchester, one of the most multicultural cities in the World

My Second Home From the moment I reached Manchester, I never felt disconnected from my own country. Before I came, […]
Sunset over Media City.

From Kuwait to Salford: Jannat’s Story

Hi Jannat! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and the course you are studying? Hello! Yes of […]
Image of an open laptop

Preparing for my IELTS: Jannat’s story

Hi, my name is Jannat and I believed getting my IELTS was going to be a tough challenge, but it […]
Closeup Photo of hand wearing a white glove holding a dish

Q&A with Best Performance Award winner – Ataa Yasari

MSc Drug Design and Discovery student, Ataa, tells us about her role at Salford NanoLAB, the Sci-Art installation as part […]
Photo of Allerton Building

Meet Alumni Award winner – Dr Sun Mingxu

We were delighted to catch up with Dr Sun Mingxu who studied both his master’s and doctoral degree at Salford. […]
Photo of different nation flags

Starting a master’s after 8 years in the industry: Q&A with Ye Qiao

We had the pleasure of speaking to Ye Qiao who started on the MSc Nursing course at Salford in September […]
Phoot of Li wearing a blue shirt smiling

Life of a Salford graduate: 4 years later

Real Estate professional, Li Xinxi, took a career break 4 years ago to improve his theoretical knowledge by studying on […]
Photo of the Globe focusing on African Continents

Business graduate, Qijun, told us what he’ll be missing about Salford.

Qijun has just completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Salford and is about to start his next challenge. […]
Photo of University of Salford Sign in Mediacity Campus

Studying MSc Marketing: Q&A with graduate student – Qiao

Qiao has shared with us what he misses the most about studying at Salford and his most useful tips for […]
Photo of Peel Building during a sunny day

New student, Miao, shares reasons for choosing the University of Salford

We have met with Miao as he was preparing to embark on his university journey, and he’s shared with us […]
Photo of Uni of Salford tagline 'Become Unstoppable' written on a red decorative flag

Undergrad to postgrad: Meet Becky

Becky Emmerson began her Salford journey as a BSc (Hons) Zoology Clearing applicant – read her first blog here – […]
Photo of Peel Building

Undergrad to postgrad: Meet Jess

With the goal of building a successful and rewarding career in academia, one of our BA (Hons) English Literature with […]
Photo of University of Salford Sign in Mediacity Campus

Undergrad to postgrad: Meet James

While studying BA (Hons) Journalism (Multimedia) at Salford, James Sumner discovered that he loved the public relations side of media […]
Photo of Tim infront of a red door

How I chose the University of Salford: Tim’s story

Hi Tim, please can you introduce yourself? I’m Tim, I’m from Northern Ireland, I’m going into my third year at […]
Photo of Natacha leaning against the Engles' beard Statue

My Open Day experience: Natacha’s story

If you’re thinking about going to university, now’s the perfect time to book your place on our Open Days. Not […]
Image: 'Careers' spelled out with blocks

Securing my dream job: Meet alumnus Salman

Salman studied BEng Aeronautical Engineering, spent one year in Sweden as part of his course and landed his dream job […]

Being part of a global community: Meet Ade

Nigerian graduate, Adepapo Oni, joined the University of Salford to study BEng Mechanical Engineering, and from day one he made […]
Photo of Uni of Salford tagline 'Become Unstoppable' written on a red decorative flag

Welcome to Salford: Q&A with new international student Priyanka

Priyanka Singh is Salford’s first new international student to have travelled to the UK. We caught up with her to […]
Energy House Image

Former Hack Manchester winner secures job at the University of Salford’s Energy House: meet Anestis.

We caught up with Greek student, Anestis Sitmalidis, who’s been offered a job at Salford Energy House testing facility just […]
photo of Ka at work wearing an orange headphones


Hong Kong graduate, Ka Kin Kwok, came all the way to Salford to study MSc Acoustics and then returned home […]
A sign outside of Campus saying "Welcome to the University of Salford."

From Nepal to Salford: Interview with Megha

International graduate, Megha Rathi, from Nepal, shared with us what she loved most about studying an MSc in Media Psychology […]
Photo of Wang with her dance crew

Interview with ‘The Greatest Dancer’: meet Wenwen Wang

International student Wenwen Wang came to Salford to study MA Dance Performance and Professional Practices, after retiring from the national […]
Photo of Health and Society banner infront of mary seacole building

A graduate perspective: Moving from Nigeria to study MSc Public Health

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Chuks Onwunyi, an international student at the University of Salford who joined […]
Photo of a person typing on the laptop

Distance Learning – MSc Quantity Surveying (Mechanical and Electrical)

Our taught master’s are a great way to change the direction of your career or become an expert in your […]
Photo of the PCB route design in close

Electronic Engineering to Robotics – Meet Karina

One of the reasons our students love studying at Salford is the support we have on offer for every step […]
Black and White photo of an Aircraft

From Liverpool to Salford, to Istanbul – Meet Michael

MSc Aerospace Engineering student, Michael MacGlashan, tells us all about his aero journey at the University of Salford… Hi Michael, […]
Photo of different students sitting and talking to each other

📺 [VIDEO]: Wellbeing and you

Going to university can be an amazing time in your life that’s packed full of new experiences. Some of these […]
Photo of a Salad Bowl

📺 [VIDEO]: Healthy Eating

To inspire you, our current students have put together a series of videos for healthy meal ideas perfect for university. […]
Become Unstoppable written on a red flag blowing in the wind

Industry to University – Meet HR Management Student Sarah

At the University of Salford we believe in creating opportunities for anyone who has the passion to learn, and that’s […]
Photo of the Anechoic chamber

From Paraguay to Salford – Meet Patrick Wood

At the University of Salford, we welcome students from all around the world. Patrick Wood came all the way from […]
Photo of student wearing a blue jacket walking next to the ambition sign next to the Maxwell building

From Kenya to Salford: Interview with Muazzam

Part of what makes studying at Salford so special, is the fact that we have students join us from all […]
New Adelphi Arch studio

Earn as You Learn – Izzi Garvey

Third year, part-time BSc Architectural and Design Technology student, Izzi Garvey, has not only been nominated for the Women in […]
Photo of books arranged in an order on a rack

Salford’s Tribunals Project – Hannah Murphy

Hannah Murphy studied LLB Law at Salford before progressing on to the MSc Human Resource Management and Development. Along with […]
Photo of a gray jet plane

Mechanical Engineering student to Graduate Aeronautical Engineer – Alex Cook

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering alumnus, Alex Cook, recently secured a permanent position with BAE Systems. We caught up with Alex […]
Salford stock lab image

The Intriguing World of Human Biology and Infectious Diseases

We spoke with second year BSc Human Biology and Infectious Diseases student, Karolina Staniecka, about the importance of seizing every […]
Black and White photo of a bridge

Student to Civil Structural Engineer – Gemma Small

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Gemma Small, a Salford alumna, who graduated in 2016 with […]
Photo of a person working inside the Energy house

Energy House Placement – Elizabeth Chard

BSc Physics student, Elizabeth Chard, has recently started her industry placement year at our very own Energy House. Energy House […]
ElecEng Feature

The Art of Electronic Engineering – Meet Ivan Holmes

We met up with second year BEng Electronic Engineering student, Ivan Holmes, to find out about his experience at Salford. […]
Hassan Rauf, Business and Economics

Making the most of your Business and Economics degree

Hassan Rauf is a recent Business and Economics graduate from Salford Business School. During his time at Salford, Hassan got […]
Bogota, Colombia,

What Makes Bogotá Tick? MBA Study Visit

This spring, Joanna joined the rest of her MBA cohort on a study visit to Bogota. Here, she explores her […]
Backpack header

Real Life Clearing Stories

If your grades aren’t as expected, there are always other options. Applying to university through Clearing gives you the chance […]
Bogota and the Andes Mountains

Business in Bogotá – MBA Study Visit

Each year, the cohort of students from the Salford MBA get the opportunity to travel abroad for a study visit. […]
Bogota, Colombia Skyline

Bogotá, Colombia: A Week of Strange Wonderful Food

Each year as part of their syllabus, students from the Salford MBA (Master of Business Administration) are given the opportunity […]
convention hall

Real Responsibility, Real-World Experience

Elena Jones is an MSc International Events Management student who secured a placement with One Stop Social, a specialist hub […]
Social media - making an impact on placement

Making an impact on placement

Marta Rodriguez is an MSc Marketing graduate who works as a PR and Social Media Manager at UK Swimwear/UK Tights, […]
Business information systems header

Ramal Hassan – BSc Business Information Technology

BSc Business Information Technology (now named BSc Digital Business) is a degree for future digital business managers. Providing a balance between […]
Image: Card with "How we live is what makes us real" text

🎧 PODCAST: University Mental Health Day 2018

University can be an amazing, exciting and life-changing experience, but everyone can face challenges along the way that can knock […]

2017 Visual Effects Oscar winner – Fonzo Romano

Not only did Fonzo Romano win the Visual Effects Oscar in 2017 for his work on The Jungle Book, he’s […]
Image: Connected world

The Global Ethical Finance Forum – Ma’asoom’s Experience

Ma’asoom Mahmood is a MSc Islamic Banking and Finance student from Salford Business School. In September 2017, Ma’asoom was part […]
Image: Map showing Colombia

Colombia trip – the only risk is wanting to stay

Rachel Norton is studying part-time for an MBA at the University of Salford. She wrote about her experience visiting Colombia […]
Photo of white sign saying 'work' in the library

Protected: Seminars, Lectures and Tutorials explained

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
Image: equations and a pencil

Making university count: Gada Eltahir, BSc Mathematics

Gada Eltahir is a third year BSc Mathematics student, and in addition to her studies has just presented a paper […]

Student work experience: Tom Mullarkey, Fan Fit

Tom Mullarkey is a final year BSc Business Information Technology student at the University of Salford. In addition to his studies, […]
Rachel Fallon

Rachel Fallon – Young Company, Royal Exchange

Rachel Fallon is a BA English and Creative Writing graduate from the University of Salford who secured a place as […]
Image: a group of people working in an office

Ooberstock internship: student experience

Lukas Jahn is an MSc International Events Management student from Munich, Germany. He completed an internship at Ooberstock for his Business Innovation Project. […]
Emmanuel at Coe College

Studying abroad – Emmanuel, Coe College, USA

Ayodeji Emmanuel Adebayo is a final year BSc Business Information Technology student at the University of Salford. He spent the second year of […]
Sound Speaker

Harry Yeung – Acoustics Audiophile

Harry Yeung came from Hong Kong to study MSc Acoustics at the University of Salford. He tells us why he chose Salford and what […]
Rebecca Murray wearing an oxygen mask

A Day in the Life of Rebecca, BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Exercise as Medicine

Rebecca Murray is an BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Exercise as Medicine (NEM) student. She described to us a typical day […]
Lavinia shaking hands with the Tech Angels judging panel

Lavinia Alexoiu – Winner of the “Building Bright Ideas” competition 2016

Salford Business School student Lavinia Alexoiu won the “Building Bright Ideas” Tech Angels competition at Creative Entrepreneur 2016 with her pitch for an app […]
Image: still from Umbro shoot

Behind the scenes at Umbro: student experience

BSc Business Management with Sport student Pauli Loukola recently had the opportunity to work with Umbro to produce a promotional video […]

Raising and Giving at Salford

Sarah Raza is a 3rd year Business and Financial Management student who is also President of the Raising & Giving (RAG) society […]
Image: Anh at Peel Park Quarter Halls of Residence

From Vietnam to Salford – Ho Thanh Que Anh

Ho Thanh Que Anh came to the University of Salford from Vietnam to study MSc Marketing, after completing her BA […]
Image of Logan McCage

Logan McCage – American Exchange Student

BA Fashion Design student Logan McCage travelled from Middle Tennessee State University in America to spend a semester at the University […]
Claire George in Uganda

Claire George – A Summer in Uganda

Claire George is a BSc Physiotherapy student at the University of Salford who spent time in Uganda this summer working with […]
Lori working with wildlife

Lori Moore – Wildlife Conservation

Lori Moore is a third year BSc Wildlife Conservation with Zoo Biology student. She secured placements that took her from […]
Image of Middle Tennessee State University

Danielle McNab – An Adventure in America

Danielle McNab is a third year BA Journalism (Multimedia) student who took an amazing opportunity to spend a semester studying at Middle Tennessee […]
Graphic from mobile game

Jess & Steph – Video Games Internship, Big Brand Ideas

BSc Computer & Video Games students Jessica Lea and Stephanie McLean spent their summer on an internship at Big Brand Ideas where […]
Image of the Formula Salford team

Q&A with Joshua Jones, Formula Salford

Joshua Jones is a third year Mechanical Engineering student and the Team Director of Formula Salford. In only their first […]
Hannah Russell

Q&A with Salford Paralympian Hannah Russell

BSc Sports Science student Hannah Russell is a Paralympic swimmer competing in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. After winning a […]