Applying for placements? How do you know where to start?!

Don’t stress. BSc International Business student, Anna, has talked me through her experience of applying for a placement – even if it seems daunting at first, it’s a totally worthwhile experience. Anna landed her placement at IBM in Preston – although during the application process she ended up in London! Read on to find out more.

How did you manage to get the work placement with IBM?

It was a long application process. I applied and sent my application form in with some words about me, my skills, what I’ve done so far and what I would like to do. They sent me an email back saying I was successful with the application which was great news. They then asked me to do an IPAT test which was mostly maths, just an IBM test.

I had a video interview with them and then they invited me for an assessment at their office in London where I met a lot of interesting people, with other students applying as well. After a week I got a phone call telling me I was successful.

Photography – Nick Harrison

So had you applied to them speculatively? Or did you know that they had opportunities?

I went on the general website and found that they had a lot of placement opportunities, so I applied for the ones that appealed to me.

What is your job role?

My main role is finance. So, I take care of finance for our account.  It mainly involves looking at target proposals, I analyse what kind of finance we’ve been involved in for the past quarter, so I can analyse it for the next quarter. I can propose a budget and then control the budget. It involves analysing all the applications and projects that we are expecting, and talking to a lot of partners and executives, so I can have an idea of what budget I should propose.

I do pricing and solution estimating for projects as well. And because this is for more senior, more experienced people, I do that with the junior project manager. So, he helps me a lot with all the project administration. 

I do sales analysis as well, analysis of opportunities and projects that we’ve got in IBM, and then some ad hoc tasks.

Photography – Nick Harrison

Is there anything unexpected? Anything that surprised you about the job?

Since I was just a placement student with basically no experience in that field, I thought I wouldn’t really have a lot to do here.  I didn’t think that I would do such important stuff. So that surprised me. But there hasn’t been a bad thing.  It’s a real job. It is amazing. And I’m really enjoying it.

What three things have you learned from the experience?

Interpersonal skills, I have learned that good communication is crucial when working in a big team. It’s great to see everyone on the team so motivated in what they do – it’s amazing how it motivates me to do my work and to just develop myself and improve my skills. After that, working with Microsoft Excel, yes, it’s a lot of spreadsheets every day so that would be another thing. Also, analytical skills as well.

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