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Posts by: Emma

Hey! I'm Emma, a second year Broadcast Journalism student at the University of Salford. I love a good chat, a good challenge and a good cup of coffee.

Q&A with Media Psychology graduate Jane

You know you’re passionate about something when NOTHING – (not even 5,573 miles) can get in the way of you […]

Events to look out for: Welcome Week

Welcome Week 2019, let’s go! 🎉 It’s easy to jump straight into thinking Welcome Week means flat parties, drinking games […]

Q&A with Learning Disabilities Nursing and Social Work (Integrated Practice) Graduate

Why is the course name such a mouthful I hear you ask? Well, it has every right to be. The […]

Q&A with International Business student Anna

Applying for placements? How do you know where to start?! Don’t stress. BSc International Business student, Anna, has talked me […]

Interview: Studying Dance at Salford

Studying Dance, as a degree?! Yes – it exists, and it’s pretty cool. Typically, it’s not the first course that […]

Canada meets Salford: Erika’s comedy success

Award winner and student Erika took this year’s North West heat of the Chortle Comedy Awards by storm. From Humber […]

Graphic Designer and Trans* Student Ambassador: Meet Kyle

Your journey through university will entail far more than just the challenge of getting a degree. It is a time […]

Q&A: The life of a commuter student

Imagine living so close to your preferred university that you have the choice to live at home OR in university […]

The Integrated Practice programme: meet Claire and Lewis

BSc Learning Disabilities Nursing and Social Work (Integrated Practice) is the only course of its kind in Greater Manchester – […]

Business Industry Placement Stories: Katie Wood

The great thing about university is that many courses offer the opportunity to go on industry placements, which are a […]

BLOG: Why I chose Salford

Well… I arrived late to the open day and ended up missing the tour of the accommodation. So it couldn’t […]

Psychology Q&A: Meet Omayma and Kingsley

I was lucky enough to have a chat with third year student Omayma, and first year student Kingsley about their […]

Law students: from Salford to Amsterdam

To make the most out of your university experience, snapping up every opportunity you get to broaden your ideas and […]

Events in 2019: What to look out for

So here we are! Fresh out of the winter months, the clocks will soon be going forward and it will […]
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UCAS exhibitions: What I wish I’d known

UCAS exhibitions are great – the ball is in your court as it’s your chance to quiz the universities that […]


Yes! You read that right. Last week I had the chance to speak all things cancer related with some CATS (volunteers) […]

TOP 10: Celebration time

Got a birthday coming up? Got those results you wanted? Bored and just want to get out of the house? […]

Educational Entertainment: How to make the most of your free time

Have you ever considered taking learning beyond the same four walls of the lecture halls? Learning new things can be […]

Top 10: Cheapest places to wine and dine in Salford and Manchester

Let’s face it, us students have a popular reputation of not being the richest of people out there – apart […]

BLOG: Introducing…Emma

WELCOME TO MY WORLD Hey! My name is Emma, I’m in my second year of studying BA Broadcast Journalism here […]