Hi Jannat! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and the course you are studying?

Hello! Yes of course, my name is Jannat and I am an International student from Kuwait. I am currently studying for an MA in Public Relations and Digital Communications. I have particularly chosen to study this course because I wanted to do something different to Business Management, which is what I hold a BSc in. Public Relations was the perfect choice for me, especially because I wanted to develop my skills in modern digital communication and content creation.

Why did you choose to study at Salford?

I have always loved the idea of studying in a big city, and the University of Salford is in the heart of Greater Manchester. The fact that they have their own independent, huge campus made it even more special. The MediaCity campus is where I go for my lectures and this made me feel that studying at this University is a truly unique experience. The MediaCitycampus is situated near all the international media organisations, including the famous ITV and BBC media outlets.

You mentioned you have a little girl, did your caring responsibilities impact on your decision to choose Salford?

After I completed my bachelor’s degree, I instantly thought about the idea of doing a postgraduate taught degree to complement it. However, I felt that waiting until my daughter was at a good age to start nursery would be the right time for me to continue my studies. Before I applied for Salford, I looked for the day-care facilities near the university, but I was amazed that they do have their own nursery on campus, which is something not many universities offer. 

How have you found your experience of studying full-time whilst caring for your daughter?

I feel that time management is key to success. I have always tried to finish my university work and assignments whilst my daughter was in nursery. At times, I have loads of work and very close deadlines, and this can be stressful, but I try my best to start my work early and make sure I ask my lecturers any questions I have.

Have you felt supported during your time at the University of Salford?

I feel that my lecturers are very supportive as they always encourage us to ask them any questions and are happy to correct drafts and provide us with feedback to help improve our work. They respond quickly, and even though most of our classes this year were online, the module coordinators did their best to deliver the course efficiently.

What are your career goals?

I feel that for the first couple of years after I graduate, I would like to gain practical experience by working for a public relations agency. My main goal is securing work with the public relations department in the Ministry of Health in Kuwait. This is very interesting to me for various reasons, including the fact that the health sector always needs to spread awareness about different diseases and educate the community by organising successful public relations campaigns.

What are your plans for after your studies? Will you make use of the Graduate Route visa and look for work in the UK?

I am still thinking about my plans after I finish my postgraduate degree. I might stay in the UK for a year to gain some international work experience. The postgraduate work visa is an incredible benefit for all international students, as it provides them with an excellent additional opportunity that helps them kick start their careers.

What advice would you give to students from Kuwait looking to study at Salford?

I would advise them to prepare their documents early, read about the city, and try their best to sort accommodation before they travel. This way, they can ensure themselves a comfortable start to their studies. Having a background of the city in general and local area by reading online about them before travelling is an excellent idea because it helps students become familiar with the area faster and makes essential tasks easier to do during the first couple of weeks after arrival.

Thanks so much for talking to us Jannat! It was great talking to you, and we wish you the best with your studies and career.

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