My Second Home

From the moment I reached Manchester, I never felt disconnected from my own country. Before I came, I was honestly a bit worried that I wouldn’t adapt easily, but the exact opposite happened. The city is diverse to the extent that you can find people from many different faiths, societies, and cultural backgrounds. Leaving your home country and moving into a completely different culture can be beneficial in various ways, such as helping you learn the language better and allowing you to meet people from a different background. However, it is still nice to know that you have the chance to bond with people from your own culture every now and again, and this is what makes Manchester so special.


Many languages are spoken here; I was once told by a local that at least 200 different languages are spoken in Manchester. Manchester’s spirit is defined by the people who are in it, people from different cultures live peacefully with each other here. Chinatown in Manchester is in the city centre and is occupied with lots of Asian supermarkets, shops, and restaurants. The Jewish community has a significant presence here too. Moreover, one of the most popular areas in Manchester is Rusholme, which is surrounded with Middle Eastern and South Asian communities.

Campus Facilities

Salford University itself has several multi-faith rooms around the campus and has a Faith Centre that is located within the Peel Park campus, where everyone is welcome. The Faith Centre has its own peaceful chapel and a calm Muslim prayer hall. The centre offers special activities like personal reflection, social engagements, and private prayer. What makes the centre even more popular is that it does not only focus on religious events, but also on other events and activities, such as craft groups and mindfulness classes.

My Own Experience

My last visit to a multi-faith room was in the Media City campus, which is where my lectures take place. It was convenient for me to use this room as it can be easily accessed and close to my lecture rooms. The room was well taken care of, as it was clean and sanitised. Even though because of the Coronavirus pandemic some prayer equipment were put away so that the government safety measures are followed, that did not bother me as I usually like to take my own prayer kit with me.

Places of Worship around the City

Manchester has many places of worship for various religions, including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and more. Saint Ann’s Church is one of the most famous churches in Manchester, located in the heart of Manchester’s shopping district. Another popular one is the Sacred Trinity Church which is quite close to the main university campus located on Chapel Street, Salford. Many other worship places are spread in and around the city, providing services to people from all backgrounds.