It’s easy to feel like the good old days of being a fresher and participating in uni events are over when you’re not a first year anymore… but it doesn’t have to be that way! At Salford, there’s always something going on that you can get involved with, so here’s a guide on where to begin looking.  

Before we start though, we want to make sure you know this hot tip: Welcome events aren’t just for first-year students! Take a look at our Welcome events running in September 2021 – there’s bound to be something to help you get involved with uni life. 

Social Media

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people fail to check social media for updates on the latest! Whether it be a new event that the Student Union (SU) are hosting, or an exciting programme for you to take part in to improve your skills, there is always something for everyone.  

Following @uos_students on InstagramFacebook and Twitter, and @salfordsu on InstagramFacebook and Twitter will be sure to keep you in the loop for anything new.


Speaking of the SU… whatever you’re into, societies are a great way to make friends and occupy your time. If you didn’t join a society in your first year, what’s stopping you now? Not only do you get to meet people with common interests, expand your knowledge and/or get into a new hobby, but you also get to try out something you enjoy! From student radio (hello Shock Radio) to hockey and pole fitness, there are over 50 student-led societies who are waiting for you.  

Find out more on the Student Union website to see which one is for you and to check out what social events are happening. Can’t see a society that interests you? Start your own!  

The Faith Centre

If your faith is important to you, the Faith Centre can be a great way to meet other students who share the same beliefs as you. Located on our Peel Park Campus, the Faith Centre has many facilities available to support all students with their faith whilst studying at Salford, including a chapel and a large prayer hall. The centre exists to provide a supportive context in which all students and staff of any belief system or religious, philosophical and cultural background can explore new ideas and experiences and engage critically with each other in a respectful learning environment.  

They host various events and activities throughout the year, all of which can be found on their website.  

Additionally, the University is home to a range of faith-based societies, which is another great way to meet students with similar interests and feel a bit more at home.  

Mentoring and Leadership

Thinking about what you’ll be doing after university? Then this might be for you. The Student Experience & Engagement Team provides opportunities for you to enhance your personal and professional development through a number of mentoring and leadership programmes. 

Industry Advice Mentoring  

The Industry Advice scheme gives you the chance to be mentored by an industry professional who also happens to be a part of our alumni community. Mentors complete a training programme that focuses on giving them the tools to provide a supportive mentoring environment and empower you as the mentee to set and work towards a self-directed goal.  

Future Leader Experience  

The Future Leader Experience is a three-day free programme designed to develop your confidence and leadership skills. Virtually network with leaders from a range of backgrounds and learn how they achieved success, including leaders from Barclays, Co-op Group, Greater Manchester Police, Kellogg’s and Salford City Council. You’ll get the opportunity to develop solutions to real-life organisational challenges.  

Find out more about both of these opportunities on the Student Hub.

Careers & Enterprise

If you can’t stop thinking about your future career, or even want to get involved in university through employment, the Careers and Enterprise team are available to discuss your options. Based in the Library, they promote employment opportunities that allow you to get onto the right foot for finding the best career, development and work opportunities for you. 

So, this brings you to the end of our guide on how to get involved in uni life, even if you’re not a fresher anymore. Now that you’ve got an idea on where to begin, the ball is in your court!