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Students in different study spots on campus

Student Spaces on campus

Spending a bit of time at uni but your accommodation is a little far away to go home for a […]
Cartoon of a group of students and staff stood together united

Q&A About Countering Hateful Extremism

We know conversations around extremism can be challenging and confusing at times, but it’s important that we all understand what […]

Meet Abdul: My Industry Advice Scheme experience

Throughout the year we run professional development programmes to aid your development. We decided to chat with some of the students who have […]

How to get involved in uni life (when you’re not a fresher)

It’s easy to feel like the good old days of being a fresher and participating in uni events are over when you’re not a […]
Close up of the University of Salford logo on a University building

Disability support at university

At Salford we want to help all our students as best we can. We recognise that students with a disability, […]

5 ways to keep safe on and around campus

Whilst Salford is a safe place to live and study, there can be times – as there are in all […]
The top of University of Salford student accommodations

Hacks for living away from home

So, you’ve moved into your glossy new accommodation and waved goodbye (temporarily) to your loved ones. For most of you, […]

Different ways to look after your mental health

Your mental health is important. Sometimes your experience at university isn’t always what you might have expected, or you might […]

Top tips to manage your money

For many students, heading to university is the first taste of financial independence, which can make managing your money feel […]

Five ways to improve your study skills

Turning up to your lectures and seminars isn’t where the studying stops. Improving your study skills is the key to […]
An illustrated version of our registration website

What you need to know for registration

It’s that wonderful time of year again – the time that gets us excited to start (and is kind of […]