Throughout the year we run professional development programmes to aid your development. We decided to chat with some of the students who have previously taken part in our Industry Advice Scheme to see what it’s all about. Today, we’re speaking with MSc BIM & Digital Built Environments graduate, Micah Jinar, who joined the Industry Advice Scheme back in December 2020. 

Micah is originally from the USA but she has lived in the UK for nearly 25 years. Before joining Salford she worked as a Construction Manager. Micah joined the Industry Advice Scheme to gain real-world insight into Building Information Modelling (BIM) management and achieve her goal of returning to the construction industry. 

What is the Industry Advice Scheme? The Industry Advice Scheme pairs you with a professional from your chosen industry or a professional with key transferrable skills to help you exceed in your chosen career path and work towards a self-directed goal. Find full details on the Student Hub. 

Tell us a bit about yourself Micah

Photo of Micah
Picture above: Micah Jinar

I’m an Architectural Designer originally from Washington, D.C. in the United States of America. I have lived in the UK for nearly 25 years. I originally lived in North Wales, before moving to West Yorkshire and commuting to Salford for my studies.

I am defined by quality. Quality is important in so many facets of life: work, health and wellbeing, and friendships. I enjoy being in the outdoors, especially near the water, or gazing at an amazing structure. I also create leaded light panels but if the weather is not so great, I’ll keep dry and crochet stuff instead. 

What did you study at Salford?

I studied MSc BIM & Digital Built Environments. This equipped me with the updated skills and knowledge I needed. However, I wanted a real-world insight into BIM management because no matter what industry you work in, you need to combine the realities of your sector with theory. And that’s when I found the Industry Advice Scheme. 

What was your experience like on the Industry Advice Scheme?

I initially saw the 2020 Industry Advice Scheme advertised on Facebook but found the full information on the university website. All I had to do to sign up was fill out an online application form, which was easy to complete. 

The scheme provided me with the perfect industry mentor, named David, who helped me complete my goal of returning to the construction industry. Part of the scheme involved me meeting David over a period of six months regularly. The meetings lasted around 60 minutes and we discussed current industry trends, future career prospects, and the latest digital technologies being used in the sector. 

When I began my degree last September, I was unsure which role best suited me within the sector. Through the mentoring meetings, I was able to refine my future career goals to suit my construction knowledge, interests, skills, and abilities. Throughout the scheme my mentor was very helpful, full of advice and guidance, and always willing to discuss future career aspirations with me along the way. 

It sounds like you had a great experience. Would you recommend the Industry Advice Scheme to other students?

As a mature student, I would encourage others to apply because:

  1. The university finds the mentor for you. Finding a mentor or career development opportunity alone can be the first obstacle for so many of us. 
  1. Your mentor is already doing your dream job, (or has the employability skills you need) so their insights are priceless. 
  1. From this scheme you can begin networking with others in the sector. (Don’t be shy about asking for introductions.) 
  1. Learning is a lifelong experience. Although classroom-based learning is important, the scheme helped me to take the theory learned and see it applied in a real-life situation.  

What’s next for you?

Getting a fab new job that will allow me to put into practice what I have learned on my degree and from my mentor. 

My most ideal line of work would be a BIM Transitional Lead, where I could help guide an organisation along its BIM journey. Implementing and adopting BIM can be perceived as a daunting process but it isn’t – and I intend to help organisations to realise this fact. 

We wish Micah the best of luck with her future in Construction. Want to follow Micah’s footsteps and enhance your own professional development? Have a look at our mentoring and professional development programmes.    

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Find out more about the Industry Advice Scheme on the Student Hub.