We all love a trip into Manchester, but when the trips to Piccadilly Gardens, the Arndale and St Peter’s Square become a little too regular, you can’t help but feel a bit bored! Don’t you worry, I’ve collated some of my favorite under-rated Manchester attractions that you may not have realised even exist…

Ancoats Marina: 

If you’re blessed enough to witness even the tiniest ray of sunshine in Manchester, I would recommend checking out Ancoats in the Northern Quarter. It’s an area with a collection of pubs, street food stands, cafés and restaurants all sat along a gorgeous Marina. Some of my personal favourites would include a lovely little breakfast spot called Pollen where they do some delicious pastries. The Counterhouse is a brilliant pub for your Sunday dinner fix and if you’ve got room for dessert, definitely check out inside Ducie Street where Gooey sell the most incredible cookies. It’s a super chill spot to hang out with friends, visiting family or to just vibe out by yourself. It’s also such an aesthetic spot so don’t be shy and get those Insta pics whilst you’re there! 


The Counterhousehttps://www.thecounterhouse.co.uk/

Ducie Streethttps://duciestreet.com/


Castlefield Bowl: 

One of my all-time favourite activities during lockdown was visiting the amphitheatre in Deansgate. It’s a wide, open space with an array of stone benches where a lot of university students go to hang out. I would definitely advise you guys to grab yourself a coffee from one of the cute shops nearby or maybe even set up a little picnic to enjoy whilst you’re there. But wrap up warm! It’s not for the faint-hearted this time of year to be sat outside in the freezing cold…but I’m sure a little Costa hot choc will do the job! It’s also a great spot to get some exercise, I’ve seen plenty of people jogging and using the benches as a sort of step machine! So, if you consider yourself a track star, have a little run around Castlefield and enjoy the sun setting on that side of the city. 


St Stevenson Square: 

If you’re a social butterfly like myself, have a little drink in St Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter. There are so many bars and cool/retro pubs that you can check out in this area. Whether it be a funky, artsy night out in 7Sins or a more sophisticated/bougee cocktail in Hula the drinks are delicious, and the prices are reasonable! It’s also such a great spot to listen to live bands and lots of Indie/alternative music. One of my favourite nights out was in a bar called The Crafty Pig where I sung Amy Winehouse for the majority of the night, and everyone in there loved it! Definitely a spot filled with good vibes and good people.  


Hula https://www.hulamcr.co.uk/

The Crafty Pighttps://www.craft-pubs.co.uk/the-crafty-pig-manchester

Albert Schloss (Tuesday Nights): 

Looking for a fun night out but sick of visiting the same pubs/clubs over and over again? Well let me turn your attention towards Albert Schloss. On Tuesday nights, this bar is THE place to be, they have drag shows, talent competitions and amazing drinks! It’s such a fun and quirky atmosphere to surround yourself in and is definitely recommended if you’re looking for a bit of excitement! The bar is open until pretty late which is such a benefit because as soon as you get in there, you never want to leave!

Albert Schlosshttps://www.albertsschloss.co.uk/


Heaton Park: 

Home of the famous festival ‘Park Life’, Heaton Park is definitely for you if you’re in the mood for a chilled afternoon out. You can hop on the bus straight from the University and head on over for a stroll, picnic or a cup of tea in their cafe. No matter the weather, this park has always looked absolutely gorgeous and it’s such a calming haven from when you want to get away from all that city noise. Plus, it’s home to lots of dog walkers! Who doesn’t want to spend their afternoon dog watching?

Heaton Parkhttps://www.facebook.com/heatonparkandhall/


Make sure you tag us in some of your Insta pics after you’ve explored some of these quirky new spots! Embrace that inner tourist and enjoy your trek in the rainiest city in the UK…