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Facebook on mobile

Making friends before uni – how Facebook can help

Starting university can be very daunting. In the weeks leading up to this new chapter of your life, a fear […]

What should I eat?

We all have the same problem. Deciding what we should eat, if we should get dessert, if we eat something […]

Brunch spots in Manchester and Salford

Everyone loves a good brunch, and amongst students it’s (probably) favoured more than breakfast, because, who’s really up in time […]

Celebrity spotting in Manchester and Salford

Manchester is fast becoming one of the swankiest places to be. With two football teams, a soap series and a […]

The best running routes in Salford – Rebecca’s pick

Going for a run can be the perfect way to let off steam after a long day, the ideal revision […]
Festival image

Manchester and Salford festival guide

So where springs to mind when you think of festivals: Glastonbury, Reading, Coachella, Salford? Yes that’s right, I said Salford. Salford and […]
Image: Row of hearts in a line

Affordable ideas for Valentine’s Day

When you’re a student, learning how to budget your money is a very important skill. With special occasions like Valentine’s […]
Image: Crowd at a gig

Top 5 venues to see live music in Manchester

Renowned for its musical history, it’s no surprise that Manchester boasts a range of top music venues. Whether you’re into […]
Multi-coloured umbrella

9 free things to do in Manchester and Salford on a rainy day

We can’t deny that Manchester’s weather is not always what you’d wish for. Sunny days do exist, but to be honest the […]
Image of dirty dishes in the sink

Top tips on how to be a good flatmate

One of the big changes when you come to university is that you suddenly find yourself living with a group […]

A walker’s guide to Salford

You wouldn’t be blamed for not immediately associating the University of Salford with walking or rambling. However, Salford has some […]
Image of The Font cafe bar

10 date night spots in Manchester and Salford

Whether you and your partner are in a long term relationship, you’ve just started seeing somebody new, or you’re wanting […]
MediaCityUK skyline

How to see your favourite shows for free at MediaCityUK

The gift of being a University of Salford student really never stops giving. Another perk of being at the best […]