Hello there, lovely to meet you all. My name is Ellie, I am 19 years old, and I am a second-year undergraduate student currently studying English and Drama; as you might expect, I am a massive bookworm and theatre kid. The desk in my room is slowly becoming another bookshelf in my house and I have seen far more theatre shows than I can count. I love colour, music art, baking and animals – especially dogs.

As well as being a student studying at the University of Salford, I am very excited to introduce myself as one of the new Student Social Media Content Creators. My job is to create content sharing my experiences with prospective students or anyone else that stumbles across our social media accounts.


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So originally, before the pandemic, my 16-year-old brain dreamt of nothing more than to go to a drama school in London. I loved performing, acting, singing. I went to a college that specialized in performing and then 2020 hit. The pandemic stopped me from creating anything at all. It’s hard to perform or act when you are confined to the four walls of your bedroom as many artists had to endure during this time. I started to steer away from performing works written years ago and started to create my own. This created a new spark in me – a new source of joy, a new chapter in who I was as a person.

Okay that may have been a little dramatic, but it made me realize that I wanted to not only become an actor but become a writer and a director as well as acting. That was when one of my teachers back in college suggested the University of Salford to me. I sat down with my mum that night on her laptop and began digging into the courses available to me and saw the English and Drama course (now English Multidiscipline). I remember my mum turning to me and saying, “You will go to Salford. I can just see it.” I thought she was being funny, it turns out she was right and nine months later, I am moving into my dorm on campus.


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English and Drama offers me that opportunity to explore my ideas not just on pen and paper but physically and vocally. The course offers many events that I have been lucky enough to engage in including open mic nights where you get a chance to share your works with fellow students and friends. I wasn’t sure to begin with living away from home for the first time in my life, but the accommodation was so lovely, and the staff were extremely friendly helping you out whenever needed.

Living alone, I have gained an amazing friend group within my course, taken part in societies like Shock Radio and Tabletop Gaming. University of Salford has taught me resilience, kindness and skills I wouldn’t have learnt by myself.