Student life can be very hectic especially when you’re going to lectures through a very active and loud campus. The busy student life isn’t for everyone. Some of us want to be in a quieter area between lectures and when we hang out with friends. Luckily there are calmer spots on campus. Keep reading to find my favourite quiet spaces.

Fredrick Road campus:

Allerton Learning Space

Inside the Allerton building you can find a small library on the first floor, which all students have access too. This is a nice space to go to between lectures.

Common Rooms

You can also find Common Rooms in Allerton, which contain tables and seating areas for you and your friends to hang out. You can also find a kitchen area with a microwave, a sink and hot water. These facilities are free to use, which is really handy.

If you haven’t brought anything with you and you want a snack or drink, you can find a Starbucks, Salfood café and refectory and the Convenience Store on the ground floor.

Student sat in Allerton study space.

Peel Park Campus:

Salford Museum & Art Gallery

Salford Museum & Art Gallery is located at the front of Peel Park Campus. It has an amazing café space, which is perfect to study in.

Salford Museum & Art Gallery

Chapman Building

Chapman is one of the best buildings to get away from the crowds on campus. There are lots of different rooms that you can use alone or with friends including booths, small classrooms and lecture halls. It’s the space I make the most of when classes aren’t taking place.

Clifford Whitworth Library (Second Floor)

Clifford Whitworth Library is one of the most well-known spots on campus. Although it can be one of the busiest spots, there is a quieter area on the second floor of the library. This floor is called the ‘Quiet Zone’, so it’s one of the best areas to go if you need to get away from the busy crowds.

Entrance of the Clifford Whitworth Library

SEE Building (Third Floor)

Our SEE Building has plenty of spaces including study rooms and open spaces for you to work. If you head up to the third floor you’ll also see some pretty great views of Peel Park!

Community Growing Space (next to Clifford Whitworth Library)

Next to the library, we have our Community Growing Space. This is a nice little outdoor area that overlooks Peel Park. You can sit on a bench, rest and/or eat lunch. Our campus wildlife will join you as the area is surrounded by planters and a bird feeder station.

Peel Park

Peel Park is easy to access from Peel Park campus – it’s just behind Clifford Whitworth Library and University House! If you’re at Frederick Road or MediaCity campus, you can easily pop over via your favourite transport route (lime scooters anyone?). It’s a lovely space, especially in the summer for study sessions in nature.

Lady Hale Building

Lady Hale is located next to the Broadwalk Convenience Store and has a small area filled with tables, mini classrooms and booths making it the perfect place to get on with work.

Three students hanging out in Lady Hale.

MediaCity Campus

MediaCity Building (third floor)

The library on the third floor of the MediaCity Building is one of the best places for a quiet spot around the hustle and bustle of classes. Salfood also have a little café on the bottom floor where you can grab a drink and some snacks.