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Students in different study spots on campus

Student Spaces on campus

Spending a bit of time at uni but your accommodation is a little far away to go home for a […]

Easy Steps To Tackle Your Assignment

Let’s face it, writing assignments is nobody’s favourite thing about university life, but it’s still a key part for many […]
Dice on a table, which spell out study

Addressing your top study challenges

Attending lectures, asking questions and taking notes are all important parts of going to university. But knowing how and when […]
books on library shelves

Keeping on top of your workload at university

Hey everyone👋 I’m coming to the end of my final semester at university and keeping on top of my workload […]

Motivational Songs to Get You Through Your Assignments

With the end of semester one done and dusted, and a new batch of modules ready to launch next month, […]

Is writing a dissertation really that terrifying?

A word you might hear pop up a lot during both your time applying to universities and whilst you’re actually […]
QUOTE FROM MEL ROBBIN: If you only ever did the things you don't want to do, you'd have everything you've ever wanted.

BLOG: Self-discipline will improve your life…

“All success begins with self-discipline. It starts with you” – Dwayne Johnson. Self discipline has started to become a big […]
Close up of a clock

VLOG: How I manage my workload…

Hello everybody! My latest vlog has just gone live. On today’s video I talk about how university has been going […]
Stressed child

Five quirky revision break ideas

I am a procrastination professional, without a doubt. Revision? You know I must clean my shoes. Essay deadline? I’ll FaceTime […]
Focus Definiton

Creating the perfect study environment

Your bedroom desk will be the place you spend (or should spend) most of your time as an undergraduate. I […]

8 things I wish I’d known before I started university

1. You’ll spend so much more in Freshers’ Week than you think Freshers’ Week is essentially the first week where […]
Image: open book

8 tips to make revision more fun

Revising for exams can be hard and stressful and no-one wants to do it, but unfortunately it’s likely you will have […]
A person in a grey jumper has a detailed book open reading it. The photo also shows that mini pen written notes are dotted across the book. Underneath the open book is a patterned green and blue notebook.

Change up your study routine with these 7 quirky tips

Exam and deadline season can be a stressful time no matter what period of your life you’re at – whether […]
Image of a puppy

Cute GIFs to make studying less stressful

We’ve all been through that really stressful week before your final exams when all you do is study. So what […]

10 quirky study spaces in Manchester and Salford

If the library spaces and other communal areas around university are getting a bit too crowded or you’re just sick […]

Top tips for organising your study schedule

Organisation is the key to success. If you want to get your university journey off to a good start and […]