University was an unexpected experience, but it has never been one that I have regretted.

I feel that the University of Salford was the right place to be as it inspired me as a woman to find motivation through other stories of women who have succeeded in their careers.  

Although University doesn’t guarantee you fulfillment in every aspect of your life, it does guarantee you support, advice and motivation throughout your journey. I feel like the University of Salford made sure I was never alone and made me feel needed through it all.


Yet from the start, all these daunting things kept looming over my head, am I achieving a good level of success in my life? Or am I being an optimist about every struggle I have ever gone through? Is it a good thing I’m learning through my failures? Or am I just repeatedly failing at life, and I am the only one who doesn’t know it?  

It was a tricky situation; I questioned my every decision and without a proper support system or a I started to dread coming into university. In the middle of the year one of my lecturers saw me struggling and called me to her office one day to talk about my wellbeing. It was clear that I was struggling through my classes and my assignments were not at the level of perfection I wanted them to be.

Photo of the entrance of the Clifford Whitworth Library


Rather than focus on my failures, my mentor acknowledged my feelings but focused on how successful I have been. My mentor slowly became my role model and a person filled with compassion who truly wanted to see me succeed.  

After that one conversation, I sought out regular advice through one of my lecturers. As we both had a love for English Literature, conversation came easy for us, and I was able to confide in my fears of surviving university and my goals of employability. It felt as if all my worries just washed away with every conversation we had.


Her level of experience provided me with so much guidance and resilience through my university experience. She pushed me to pursue my aspirations with confidence and embrace new opportunities like the work placement module, even if they entail risk.

I started to go out of my comfort zone and started to feel at ease with applying to new opportunities. I started volunteering at a youth centre and attending reading clubs with other people in Manchester, finally making the most of university life.