Studying as a student can be difficult especially with plenty of distractions around you on campus. Here is my guide on a few the tips I use while studying.

Tip number 1: Study away from home

Now I know what you are thinking- studying at home can be more comfortable and you are in your own space, but that is the exact reason I recommend studying outside of my own space. I know I will just distract myself with my room so I leave and go to a different space. If you want to stay in your home you can always study in the kitchen. If you want to study outside of your home space you can go to the library or a local café. My suggestions would be Clifford Whitworth Library or The Old Fire Station.

Photo of the entrance of the Clifford Whitworth Library

Tip number 2: Organize before you start

Organizing what order you need to complete tasks in can be really beneficial in the long run. If there is a task that is a lot more daunting for you, consider putting it first. That way you can start it and it may easy up your nerves. You can also organize what classes you will study per day so that you don’t get stressed trying to fit everything in during one day. Organizing can also help you be able to see how much time you will spend on every piece of work and leave you time to relax.

Tip Number 3: Make sure to take breaks

Taking breaks can be a good thing to give yourself some time to take in what you are doing. Taking breaks can also give you a chance to go and have a walk around, giving you a chance to stretch your legs. It also give you a chance to go and get some snacks or lunch.

Tip Number 4: Stay clear of distractions

You may be tempted to go out with a friend or to scroll on your phone, but that leaves your working sitting there until the next day and will bring on more stress. Put your phone to the side or in your bag so you are less likely to get distracted, and invite friends to study with you. That way you can still hang out but get your work done at the same time. If you find you get distracted being with friends, make plans to meet up with them afterwards.

5 students around a table in the University of Salford's Clifford Whitworth library. There is a laptop and books on the table.

Tip number 5: Use the resources you are given

The University has a huge network to be able to help you out with any piece of work you need help on. Clifford Whitworth Library located on Peel Campus has plenty of access to books, computers and spaces for you to be able to study. Lecturers are also very happy to help, so don’t be afraid to email them for some help if you are stuck.

Tip number 6: Start earlier than you think

A good friend of mine loves to set his calendar to the assessment being due the week before it actually is due. This way, he has his work done earlier and it gives him a week to check over for any mistakes he may have made. This is a great tip, as it means the likelihood of procrastination will be less and you won’t be struggling to write up your paper the night it’s due.

Here are some of my tips for studying, good luck with your assessments!