Spring has officially sprung in Salford (despite some April showers). Here are some budget friendly spring activities to do while being in Salford.

1. Go for a walk in nature:

Nature can be a really lovely way to spend time outside in spring, especially as the weather starts to warm up and winter starts to leave for the year. There’s plenty of nature around us in Salford, including Peel Park which is right next to our main campus. This a lovely spot to go for a walk in-between classes and take a break from studying. If you want more of an adventure you can take a tram up and visit Heaton Park. Heaton Park is right near Whitefield and covers over 600 acres of land which is full of forest walks for you and your friends. There are plenty of facilities including a coffee shop, bathrooms and attractions to visit, including Heaton Hall which is an 18th century building sitting on the main hill of the park.

photo of Heaton Park

2. Go thrifting for Spring coloured clothing:

Thrifting is an excellent way to be budget friendly and hang out with friends. With Manchester being one of the most fashionable cities in the UK, there are plenty of options for thrifting stores including places such as; Pop Boutique, Kilo Sale and Blue Rinse to name just a few. There are also plenty of charity shops including the British Heart Foundation and Oxfam where you can find some real bargains too. You can do a bit of casual browsing or you can turn it into a challenge picking outfits out for a friend, turning it into a fun game which could turn into a fashion show night.

3. Bake a new recipe/make some spring bakes:

Spring is one of the best times to be baking some delicious food. You can learn to make some new sweet treats with lots of fruit starting to come into season, including raspberries and strawberries. This is a great activity to do alone or with a group of friends and ends with a really tasty result. Look online for a recipe you’d love to make and challenge yourself to learn how to bake it. Going out and finding the groceries you need to bake will make it more, fun especially if you go to somewhere like a farmer’s market.

4. Find some cherry blossoms and have a picnic:

Cherry blossom is one of my favourite parts of spring and definitely makes it feel that spring is finally here. Getting a group of friends together and exploring cherry blossom trees can be a perfect activity to do as the weather gets warmer. This can be turned into a lovely day out, bring some picnic foods together and go to see the cherry blossom trees.

5. Ride a bike:

Riding a bike can be a really nice activity to do during spring time. Luckily around Salford you can hire bikes to ride around Salford and Manchester. You can take a bike ride up to the city for dinner, around the local wildlife to explore Salford or how about around MediaCityUK? This can also be a healthy alternative to taking the bus into town or driving a car to your location, especially with the weather being so nice.