Being a part of Salford University has been one of the best experiences I have had. Through the ups and downs, I have learnt some valuable lessons which have helped me through my three-year journey, here are the top five things I have learnt.

1. Make sure to go to all of your classes.

Now this might sound like something you would know, but it’s much different when you come to university. In school, if you miss a class the teacher will make sure you know what you miss; teachers at university will expect you to be responsible for yourself and get notes from elsewhere to catch up with your work. So, unless you are ill or there’s something you really can’t miss, make sure to attend your classes!

2. Make sure to make use of the resources on offer.

The University of Salford has an amazing selection of resources around campus to help everyone. The library is fully stocked with books on every subject for any course you could be doing. I have found this extremely helpful in the last couple of years, especially making use of their study rooms for a bit of quiet time working on assessments. Check out our video we did HERE for your go-to guide. You also have access to technology from the university including laptop loans and equipment loans for any project you may be getting up to.

3. The lecturers are here to help you.

Now I know it may be scary going from being in college to university, but your lectures are here to help you with anything you might need. You are always able to reach out to them with their email address or in class. Their information can be super helpful, especially around assessment time.

4. Look out for opportunities during the year.

Salford offers a massive range of activities for you to get involved in during the year. These include the welcome week fair, the Christmas market, Maker’s Market, and all sorts of other activities to get involved in like games, scavenger hunts etc. Societies are also a great way to be involved in activities during university.

5. Have lots of fun!

University can be so much fun with everything to do around Salford and Manchester. Make sure that you enjoy every single second of it because it can go quickly. This is an experience unlike any other and having fun is all a part of living away from home.