Health Sciences academic to deliver ‘Top 10 Tips for Publishing Success’

Julie Nightingale is an experienced educator, author and reviewer, and is the Editor-in-Chief of the international peer reviewed journal Radiography. AHP research is still developing, and a large part of her role as an Editor has been to encourage and support novice authors to publish their work. Looking from the Editor’s perspective, she will guide you through some of the pitfalls of article preparation, submission, peer review and production, and will offer her Top Ten Tips for maximising the chances of successful publication.

The ‘Top 10 Tips for Publishing Success’ takes place on Tuesday 3rd of November at 5pm,

and will include:

  • Are you a new or novice author who is worried about making that next step into having an article published?
  • Maybe you don’t think that you have anything interesting to say, or writing is not for someone like you?
  • Perhaps you are confused by the options available or the process of submitting is a bit of a mystery?
  • Or you have taken those first steps into publishing your research but have been disappointed or disillusioned with the feedback?
  • Maybe you are an experienced educator or research who is unsure how to guide others in making their first steps on the publishing ladder?

If any of the above are familiar, then this presentation is for you!

Register to attend via the Eventbrite page:

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