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‘Just Urban Research?’ Dr Beth Perry shares her vision

How do you communicate about complex urban issues? What kinds of approaches work to engage city officials, politicians and the public in our fast-speed, sound-bite world? Mistra Urban Futures takes these issues seriously. Our future communications will seek to engage audiences with our core messages through innovative medium, including video, cartoons, briefings and events. We […]

University of Salford Directorate of Radiography Newsletter has gone digital!

You can now get all the latest Directorate of Radiography news online at The newsletter has been updated and given a sleek webpage where articles are displayed as blogs and you catch up on the latest at your leisure. There will be new pieces added weekly and you will be able to comment on and discuss anything that interests you. Take […]

Sushi-bar-coding in the UK: another kettle of fish

Critically-endangered species of fish are being sold in sushi restaurants in the UK without adequate labelling. Overfished species of tuna and eel are among the sushi dishes being served up without adequate information to consumers, according to research published in the journal PeerJ. An investigation by scientists in Salford, Bristol and Exeter, to identify levels of […]

HEFCE Open Access Policy

Starting today (1 April 2016), any research paper you have accepted for publication must comply with the HEFCE Open Access Policy to be eligible for the next Research Excellence Framework (REF) assessment. The easiest way to achieve compliance is to deposit your accepted manuscript into the University of Salford Institutional Repository (USIR) as soon as […]