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‘Involving Families in Healthcare – Danish and Spanish perspectives’ project

With the figures in England and Wales showing that there are around six million carers (White, 2013), which equates to approximately one in ten of the UK population being in an unpaid carer supporting a friend or family member (ONS, 2011) and given that we know these figures are forever growing, Dr Julie Wray’s ‘Involving Families in Healthcare – Danish and Spanish perspectives’ project was timely and particularly relevant to nursing practice. 

julie wray 1

Dr Mary Braine & Dr Julie Wray

In 2015 Julie embarked on undertaking the project entitled and was thrilled to be shortlisted, interviewed and successful within the prestigious Florence Nightingale Foundation. This was an opportunity to gain understandings and experiences from other countries on how to best support family carer givers, a topic, which is likely to affect most people in the UK at some point in their life.


Funding awarded for new PhD research

The English research group is delighted to welcome Stephen Hornby as a new postgraduate researcher under the graduate teaching studentship scheme.


Stephen Hornby

New PhD Research – Writing Inter-male Sex/uality History Plays

Stephens starting point is Marlowe’s Edward II (1594), arguably the first gay historical drama, and currently he finishes with Kelly’s Mr Foote’s Other Leg (2015).  The totality of English language historical drama featuring inter-male sex/uality in this period in is still a discrete body of work and Stephen will review it all for his thesis.  Writing about playwrighting is also a relatively small field; writing about historical playwrighting is rarer and about historical playwrighting with inter-male sex/uality rarer still.  The most prolific source of commentary is in unpublished programme notes from playwrights, which Stephen shall be investigating and systematically cataloguing.  His PhD is a practice by research proposal, so he shall be producing two full-length historical plays and giving each of them a rehearsed reading.  By cataloguing the process of researching and writing these plays, alongside his existing experiences as LGBT History Month’s National Writer in Residence, Stephen hopes also to provide insight into writing from archive and documentary evidence more generally.

For more information – Twitter: @stephenmhornby and @inkbrew.


Congratulations to PhD student Joseph Frances who has received funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s North West Doctoral Training Partnership.


Joseph Frances

Joseph Frances’s research will focus on contemporary experimental poetry written against a belief that many of most of us live under unacceptable conditions of deprivation – and that as we resist material inequalities, we must reshape the conceptual limits imposed by the systems in which we live. Joseph wants to trace the ways that these poetries work to create new kinds of thinking which don’t simply reproduce the categories of the world they’re born into. Where much radically driven experimental poetry has aimed to destroy the language of oppression, he will examine poetries which work to create new, more liberatory configurations for being. Joseph will start with explorations of the resistive potential of poetry based in the divergences and instabilities of our affective experience, alongside asking what distinctly ‘poetic’ thinking can be found in those formal elements of poetry which are not communicative in the narrow sense.

Suicide Prevention Project – working together to prevent suicide

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 15 13 40

Stockport Suicide Prevention

Despite changes in social attitudes in many other areas, there remains a deeply engrained stigma attached to suicide. Ian Cummins has been involved in working with a range of local agencies in the Stockport area to tackle some of these issues. 


Ian Cummins

Stockport Suicide Prevention Leadership Committee is a collaboration of Stockport and Manchester organisations working together to prevent suicide in Stockport and Ian Cummins (Lecturer in Social Work) represents the University of Salford on the group.  The Project has a vision that Stockport will become a place in which people never see suicide as the only option; nevertheless, in the rare event of a completed suicide, bereaved relatives and friends will have timely, easy access to                                          effective local support and information.   Read more…..

‘Architecture Matters’ guest lecture – 28th April 2016

In collaboration with UPRISE, the second Architecture Matters guest lecture (in a series of three this semester) continues next Thursday 28th April at 16:00 in Peel lecture hall G09, with a talk by renowned design critic, Tim Abrahams.


CCM Academic Co-Edits New Volume on European Media Policy

Seamus Simpson, Manuel Puppis and Hilde Van den Bulck (2016) (Eds) European Media Policy for the Twenty First Century – Assessing the Past, Setting Agendas for the Future. New York and London: Routledge. 252pp.


Media policy issues sit at the heart of the structure and functioning of media systems in Europe and beyond. This book brings together the work of a range of leading media policy scholars to provide inroads to a better understanding of how effective media policies can be developed to ensure a healthy communication sector that contributes to the well-being of individual citizens, as well as to a more democratic society.


Pushing Boundaries, Flying Higher

The second occurrence of this conference, organised by Dr Gill James, took place on 9 April 2016 on the third floor of our building at MediaCityUK.


The aim of the conference was to look closely at the young adult novel:


Who are its readers?Photograph of academic reading novel at conference

What is its nature?

Which are its themes?

What does it look like now?

How is it written?

Why does it exist?

Will it endure?


We anticipated the audience to be made up of academics, writers and educationalists. We had representatives from all three sectors with many delegates fulfilling all three roles.


2016 Challenging Media Landscapes Conference – Call for Papers

Access, Participation and the Mediatised World



Conference date: Monday 14 November 2016

Venue:  MediacityUK, Salford, Manchester.

This conference is hosted and organized by the University of Salford and is part of the four day 2016 Salford International Media Festival


Professor Christian Fuchs (University of Westminster, UK)

Professor William Uricchio (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Engineers to Showcase Broadcasting Research

Photograph of TV broadcasting sports

Researchers at Salford University are set to demonstrate new ideas and technology for the future of television at the world’s largest broadcast trade show.

Dr Ben Shirley and Dr Rob Oldfield of the Acoustics Research Group will be exhibiting their work on enhancing sound for live sports and improving services for the hearing impaired.

Ben and Rob will head to Las Vegas and present at the National Association of Broadcasters exhibition (NAB, April 16-21). NAB attracts over 100,000 delegates from every corner of the media and entertainment sectors annually.

Broadcasting Exhibits

They have been working with DTS, a partner in their research, on ‘personalised’ broadcast sound and will demonstrate use of object-based audio (OBA), which allows the user to personalise TV sound, aiding hearing-impaired and visually-impaired users.

They also hope to exhibit SALSA – Spatial Automated Live Sports Audio – which was developed at the University of Salford. Ben explained,

“The new integrated SALSA system being demonstrated by DTS, University of Salford, and Fairlight, aims to help live mix engineers and broadcasters more effectively manage live mixing while helping automate the creation of an object-based / immersive mix and overcome the challenges of moving to object-based broadcast.”

Salford PhD Graduate takes installation version of novel on tour

During 2016, an interactive art installation version of Through the Weather Glass (Knives Forks & Spoons 2015), the hybrid novel Dr Lucy Burnett wrote for her Creative Writing PhD at the University of Salford, will be going on UK tour. earth

The installation will launch at the Kings Arms Salford – minutes from where the book was written – before touring  book festivals and public spaces around the UK. A series of  public-facing events have been organised under the aegis of  book / art festivals in Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield, Teeside, Durham, Hebden Bridge, Hull and New Mills, including installations in Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre, Sheffield’s Winter Gardens and Bradford Broadway! The installation will also spend two long weekends in residence at Tebay Services and will participate in Edinburgh Festival of Cycling. Read more…..

Professor Kirk Chang’s latest research in gossip management at work

Professor Kirk Chang has been interviewed by Fiona Macrae, Science Correspondent for the Daily Mail and talked about his latest research in gossip management at work.

Prof. Chang, who conducted a series of empirical investigations with colleagues from Oxford Brookes University (UK) and National Chengchi University (Taiwan), said: “Virtually all workers engage in gossip at one time or another but surprisingly it has not been subject to much study. You might think that gossip about non work matters might harm productivity, but we found that the opposite. Only job-related gossip leads to negative implications”.