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By Nov.17, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

There have been revisions to the University Policies and Regulations which can be found here.

The Research Bidding guidelines for instance are useful to peruse if you are interested in bidding for funding.

Another interesting guideline is the Anti-Money Laundering Policy. Money laundering is the process of taking profits obtained illegally and transforming them into legitimate assets. The University has several controls in place to minimise the risk of money laundering including Know Your Customer/ Supplier Requirements and not accepting cash payments from students. It also has in place a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO), Deputy Director of Finance Andrew Crozier, who can be contacted on  

The UK Government has sanctions against a number of entities and individuals in the following regimes: Afghanistan; Belarus; Burma; Burundi; Central African Republic; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Egypt; Iran; Iraq; Libya; Mali; Nicaragua; North Korea; Republic of Guinea; Republic of Guinea – Bissau; Somalia; South Sudan; Sudan; Syria; Tunisia; Turkey; Ukraine; Venezuela; Yemen and Zimbabwe.

Before undertaking any research or consultancy for individuals or entities in these regimes advice should be taken from the MLRO to ensure that the proposed activity is not with an embargoed individual or organisation.

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