How to do speed festival?

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What’s speed festivalling? It’s like ‘speed dating’ but with festivals and is a quick, regular daily tour of the Festival, looking something like this….

If you’re an early bird…..
Stop by the webcast in the morning – find out what’s on that day and explore the highlights from previous days:

Why not join us over lunch-time and explore:
Café Research – Discover the The Greater Manchester AI Foundry project and how we can link to the National Industrial Strategy:
Living Library live – Talk to the authors of recently published books across a range of topics and disciplines:

In the late afternoon
7 July, 2pm: Connecting research, teaching & learning – practice showcase:
Research in the Park – online sustainability event (all day)

Relax into early evening, you can find us today:
An evening of musical and artistry inspiration: Cities II – Improvisation
Thu, 1 Jul 2021 17:00 (Today)

Or next week:
9 July, 7.30pm: Relaxation and Yoga, British Wheel of Yoga:

And, if all else fails, fail…..
We can be failures – just for one day!