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THINKlab Project shortlisted for North West Regional Construction Awards 2016

The THINKlab team are delighted that our project with Network Rail on 4D Simulation Environments for Track Renewal Programmes has been shortlisted for North West Regional Construction Awards 2016 – BIM Project of the year.

THINKlab have been working with Network Rail to create a range of real world 3D and 4D simulation modules which can be used to support track renewal programmes. To date this work has included :

  • Design Review Module: To allow teams to collectively explore the emerging designs to avoid any design faults.
  • 4D Simulation Module: To allow the planners to translate 2D schedules into an interactive animation sequence to illustrate deconstruction & construction operations within a given site in 3D.
  • Laser Data Mapper Module: To allow the positioning of laser scanned track data onto a 3D GIS environment and make accurate measurements to support operation and maintenance.

Nick Millington, Project Director at Network Rail said “Senior management have realised the potential for the platform in supporting future track renewal programmes and as a result Network Rail have deployed the simulation environment developed by THINKlab to ten major track renewal programmes across the UK. Through this implementation we hope to deploy this platform as key catalyst to introduce an innovative way of planning future track renewal programmes.” read more