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#Brexit impressions 3 working days in

29 June 2016
#Brexit impressions: was Brexit worth it

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#Brexit impressions: It is early days following #Brexit result and a number of people are asking themselves if #Brexit was the right choice? Brexit impressions 3 working days in – whether or not you as an individual have someting to #Bregret at this time depends on a number of factors.

The vast majority of short term #VoteStay predictions have materialised – falling Sterling, tumbling stock markets, UK credit ratings downgraded and reduced economic growth forecasts – despite these being hailed as scaremongering by the #VoteLeave campaign. Soon too, UK residents will see a rise in the cost of living – petrol, food and other imported items will become more expensive due to the falling Pound. However, UK holidays (staycations) and UK based suppliers will benefit from renewed demand. Exporters will also see their goods become more affordable again because of the falling pound against other currencies.

It is still far too early to be able to make a conclusive judgement about the #Brexit decision. One of the main reasons for this is that the #VoteLeave campaign did not have a clear plan of what style of relationship they want with the EU going forward. On the other hand, both campaigns were very negative showing to the public the “extreme” case scenarios. Some of these are now being backtracked on including the emergency budget by George Osborne and the £350 million pledge for the NHS by Boris Johnson.

There will be no immediate material change to the UK’s position in terms of immigration, sovereignty; here are some views from academics at the University of Salford on the road ahead following #Brexit:


#Brexit consequences

24 June 2016

brexit consequences The polling stations have closed, over 30 million votes have been counted and verified and the result is in: and it’s Brexit. Over the coming months, the UK must now negotiate on a number of Brexit consequences.

Below are the thoughts of academics from the University of Salford addressing some of the key Brexit consequences. Find out what they think about a range of topics such as tourism, financial and political stability, international relations, premier league, digital business and employment law


EU referendum: issues to consider before you #VoteRemain #VoteLeave

21 June 2016

EU Referendum 2016

The vote this week on whether to leave the EU is one of the biggest decisions we will face in a generation. Here a series of experts from the University of Salford give their views on what the ramifications in areas such as employment, health, travel and the economy could be.

It might just help you make up your mind when you reach the ballot box. None of these individuals tell you how to vote but all support the view that the decision either way will have major repercussions for all UK residents and beyond.

Whatever your view – vote and make your voice heard on the 23rd!