Meet the Expert: Dr Mohammed Albakri

Meet Dr Mohammed Albakri, Senior Fellow of Higher Education (SFHEA), Programme Director for BSc Business Management with Innovation and Technology, and Lecturer in Digital and Business at the University of Salford. Salford Business School has long been his home, where he earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees.

Dr Mohammed Albakri
Dr Mohammed Albakri

Q: Hi Mohammed! So, how did you get into academia as a career path?

A: Basically, I would say academia got to me. I began my career as an IT consultant and owned my own company, Ali IT Solution. With how quickly technology evolves, I decided to return to academia for a more robust, enhanced, and prominent level of education, earning a doctorate in digital business and information systems from the University of Manchester.  

Q: Why did you choose to work at the University of Salford?

A: About two decades ago, Salford Business School awarded me an undergraduate degree in Business Information Systems and a master’s degree in Managing Information Technology approximately. When I was a student, I served as a community leader for a minority group funded by Salford City Council, and we were able to collaborate on a variety of projects. Salford University is in my DNA, which is why I chose to work here.

Q: What’s the best thing about being an academic at Salford?

A: Looking at the University of Salford as a campus in Peel Park and Media City, it is a mix of excellent facilities, diversity, and a multicultural community. The University of Salford is an excellent institution because it supports both teaching excellence and research intensive frameworks.

Q: What’s your current research about?

A: My field of expertise is information systems, and one of my primary roles at Salford is Significant Responsibility for Research (SRR), which means I am responsible for conducting research activities. So far, I have over sixty research outputs, which include articles and books. My current book, which is a research methodology and philosophy for information systems, was published last year. The book is aimed at students, researchers, industry experts, and government agencies, and it demonstrates contemporary tools, methodologies, and methods for information systems. Also, this book is available in our library, and the university is currently using it in some of its curriculums.

Q: Do you have any published papers we can read?

A: A few months ago, I attended an international conference in Oman to present my latest paper on digital transformation in Omani and higher education. The paper received two awards at the conference: best paper and best presentation This was an unexpected, but very proud achievement. This paper is always available for reading and will be published in a journal or collection (edited) book in the coming weeks.

Q: And finally, the all important question: where in Manchester or Salford is best to grab a coffee?

A: Based on my work schedule, I stop by the Salford Museum and Art Gallery for a coffee. I enjoy spending my time here because it is a beautiful museum.

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