Meet the Expert: Tracy Boahene

Welcome to our new series which gives you the chance to find out a little more about our experts within Salford Business School.

Meet Tracy Boahene, Lecturer in Law at the University of Salford. Originally from Ghana, Tracy came to Salford to study her PHD, and has since started working as a lecturer sharing her knowledge and experience with our students.

Tracy Boahene

Q: Hi Tracy! So, how did you get into academia as a career path?

A: My original undergraduate degree was in Psychology, would you believe! Following this, I studied law and went into private practice for a while. I already had some teaching experience following my Masters in Commercial Law, at a University in Ghana, so I felt confident in sharing my knowledge with students.

Then I chose to study my PHD at Salford, and was lucky enough to get a job at the University following the conclusion of my PHD in 2022. I’ve not looked back since!

Q: Why did you choose to work at the University of Salford?

A: Having studied at the University as a student, I was already familiar with the culture of Salford. Let’s just say it was already ‘in my blood’! During my time studying at Salford Business School, my colleagues were very supportive about my career path, and helped me out a lot during this time. It was them who really convinced me that staying at the University of Salford as a lecturer was the right thing to do.

Q: What’s the best thing about being an academic at Salford?

A: I’d say the best thing about my current role is the strong sense of community we have within the School. From colleagues to students, it really feels like you belong somewhere where your ideas and research are respected. I also like the diversity we have within Salford Business School, and the sense of unity between all of us working for a common goal: to put Salford on the map and to leave our students equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to go on to succeed in their chosen field.

Q: What’s your current research about?

A: My fields of expertise inclusion public and private international law, law of foreign investment and investor-state arbitration. I’m currently working on getting my PHD published as a book. My thesis examined state compliance and enforcement of international investment awards, and looks into the regime for regulating both states and foreign investors investment agreements to evaluate how successful this has been. Watch this space for the published version!

Q: And finally, the all important question: where in Manchester or Salford is best to grab a coffee?

A: In Manchester, I’d have to say Mackie Mayor. I love just relaxing in there with friends or family, and the roof is so beautifully designed. I also like walking around Salford Quays because it’s beautiful and helps me to relax after a long day.

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