MSc Project Management placement experience to employment

MSc Project Management placement experience to employment - Suhan Setty
MSc Project Management placement experience to employment – Suhan Setty

I would like to tell you how my MSc Project Management placement was a springboard to full-time employment.

I am a mechanical engineer. It has always been a dream of mine to find employment here in England because I perceive the UK to be one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries.

I did a 6 month of work placement experience in Street Crane Company  Limited which I started in October 2015 as a part of my MSc Business Innovation Project module.

Street Crane Company is the UK’s largest overhead crane manufacturer. They have a history spanning more than 70 years and their products are synonymous with quality and reliability. The business was founded back in 1946 with capital of just £88 which they used to create an 800 square foot workshop and install basic machinery. Nowadays it is a £50 million turnover company, producing around 400 complete cranes and 2500 hoists and crane kits every year.

What does MSc Project Management placement experience involve?

Street Crane Company operate as a project-based organisation and this was the perfect setting for me to apply the project management theoretical knowledge I had gained through my MSc Project Management classes in a practical real world organisation. The placement not only introduced me to western work culture but also broadened my horizons. It gave me access to all the aspects of the business as well as invaluable insight into the latest technology in the field of cranes.

I was assigned the role of a Tendering Engineer. It was a well structured job with fantastic training provided by Street Crane Company. This included introduction to the company’s vast product range with details of their technical specifications and how they could be used. I was also trained on softwares that were used within the organisation.

Most of my job specific skills were gained through hands-on work while doing an actual job. The purpose of this real work environment learning was to help me to gain experience to deal with the tasks and challenges that will be met in a normal working day. My job during the placement was to do the following things:

  • Deal with technical and commercial enquiries.
  • Manage crane projects from purchase order to installation & hand over.
  • Preparing crane and crane components tenders and quotations for end users and distributors.
  • Negotiating and agreeing orders.
  • Commercial contract reviews – JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal)  & NEC3 (New Engineering Contract) types.
  • Order processing & preparation of works instructions.

Besides this, I got to be actively involved in contract reviews. The Senior Tendering Engineer was allocated as the mentor responsible for all the training and support within the company. Along with the job role allocated to me, for the purpose of my academic placement research I was given access to other departments where I could observe and collect my primary data for my academic work.

From placement experience to employment

This placement has provided me with an in-depth understanding of the functions of an organisation and shaped me as a complete professional. The work experience and the skills I gained during my time on placement helped me secure a permanent position within the organisation  and I am the company’s first overseas employee on a fully sponsored work permit.

The decision to come to Salford to study my MSc Project Managmenet when I already had a secure job back home was a tough one, considering the difficulties and restrictions for international students looking for post study work in the UK. However, to progress further in my job and enhance my career with a long term view, an MSc degree from Salford was the best decision I have ever made. Today, I proudly say that my decision has paid off dividends as my dream of having a career in the UK is now a reality.

I am grateful to the Salford Business School, for suggesting that I apply and helping me decide to take this placement with Street Crane Company. I know that my involvement in this Business Innovation Project has opened the doors to a bright career here in the UK.

I believe that these real world projects are something that Salford does that differentiates them from their competitors and it was a reason that I came to Salford Business School to do my MSc in Project Management.

If you would like to contact me to discuss my experience or connect through LinkedIn.