Studying Law at Salford Business School

Hayley Daniels
Hayley Daniels

How many students can say that after studying law they are graduating with a degree from THE Business School of the Year?

For one, Salman Kotwal can.

In 2015, Salman gained a first-class degree in LLB (Hons) Law from the University of Salford, which helped him to gain a place on the BPP Law School Legal Practice Course. A dedicated and committed student, Salman made the most out of his time at Salford. He seized every opportunity that was presented to him whilst studying law.

“We live in a world where every student must make themselves different,” says Salman. “I knew that the University of Salford was providing opportunities to aid my development as a prospective lawyer.”

Studying law whilst making the most of Salford’s partnerships and industry connections

Salman Kotwal on studying law at the University of Salford
Salford Law graduate Salman Kotwal

The University’s partnership with Santander is just one example of how Salman utilised these opportunities; by applying for a Scholarship to help fund a trip to China – part of the Salford-China internship program. This allowed him to carry out work experience with leading law firm Globe-Law. The scholarship provided Salman with the platform to work on exciting and real-life projects and expand his knowledge and expertise in the field.

“My biggest achievement was to help create the 2014 China Intellectual Property Index Report, which compares the strength of intellectual property against economic growth in the major 16 cities in China, and was published on the World Intellectual Property Organisation website.”

The value of work experience

Salford-China internship program

Salman Kotwal – second left – with other students who took part in the Salford China Internship in 2014 and University of Salford staff

It’s no secret that gaining work experience through placements or internships with a relevant company will enhance any CV or portfolio enormously. Work experience proves to employers that you are capable of working outside of lecture theatres and classrooms. It also exaggerates your passion for the field you are working in, commitment to the industry and highlights your determination to succeed.

“When I have interviews for work placements, it’s my strongest asset. When firms see I went to China and tackled home sickness, food barriers and language barriers, I think this really helps me to stand out.”

The Santander Universities partnership gives students a huge range of opportunities, from creating your own business with Start Up Awards, to working across the globe with the Santander Universities Travel Award.

Working in a relevant industry doesn’t necessarily mean you have to travel far and wide to gain experience, however. When Salman returned from China, he also completed a placement with a UK-based law firm and spent two weeks in Berlin – Germany – with a corporate law company.

He notes that his experiences allowed him to ‘mature and helped in reaching a target of self-independence and self-reliance.’

Studying Law at THE 2014 Business School of the Year

Salman Kotwal transferred to the University after hearing about the unique way Salford delivers it’s law courses, with a focus on real-world business acumen alongside the legal aspects of a law degree.

When we asked Salman about his time studying within the Business School, he said,

“The best thing about the law degree at the University of Salford is the business aspect.

The way they teach and assess is unique; Salford does much more for its students. I’m so glad I transferred to this fantastic university.”

In addition to studying Law, Salman also got involved with the University of Salford Law Society, where he acted as ‘Project Coordinator’ from September 2014 until he graduated in Summer 2015. His role involved managing School visits of up to a hundred students to the United Kingdom Supreme Court and Lancaster Castle, as well as liaising between the Business School and Law Society.

The University and Business School present countless opportunities to their students, equipping them with the resources and skills needed to progress through their course and beyond into adult working life. Salman Kotwal is a perfect example of how you can really get the most from your time studying at Salford, whether it’s through joining a society or gaining work experience in a relevant industry.

Success of studying law at Salford

China Salford Internship programme

Taking part in the China Salford Internships was a great success for Salman, allowing him to meet a number of other influential figures such as Ian Stewart City Mayor, VC Martin Hall, John Hedges (Santander), Dominic Martinez and Colin McCallum, as illustrated by the photo above.

Being successful is a reward in itself, but for students to be proud of their university and show gratitude for the opportunities provided to them; it really makes the experience that little bit sweeter for everyone involved.

If you want to be the next Salford success story, find your course today and we’ll strive to help you achieve.