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Is your lack of experience limiting your ambition?

4 October 2016
Yusef Essali tells you why lack of experience should not limit your ambition

Yousef Essali tells you why lack of experience should not limit your ambition

In the 2nd year of my BSc at Salford I applied for a lot of placements. Not even once did I get to the interview stage! What was I doing wrong? That was during my undergraduate degree where everyone was fairly similar in age and experience. But, when you think about  the postgrad level it gets even tougher. Suddenly you find yourself competing with peers with wider levels of experience and talent.

Why did I return straight away after graduation to start MSc International Business? One reason was the opportunity to do an internship or placement as part of my course. However, after the rejection fiasco in my Undergraduate degree I knew I needed a new approach! How could I change the playing field to my advantage, bypass the traditional recruitment process and get face-to-face with potential employers?


How to stand out from the crowd and land your dream job!

24 August 2016
Karl Chevalier

Karl Chevalier

For me, leaving University was one of the hardest challenges I have had to face so far. Having previously studied at a small independent faith school with a population less than that of a coal miner’s convention – it was hard to embrace the fact I would be competing for a place in this crowded digital environment. With hundreds of people graduating alongside me in Greater Manchester alone, and an extra few hundred graduating each year thereafter what are the chances of me being noticed? How would I ever stand out from the crowd and land my dream job?

Thousands of pounds and several hundred caffeine induced beverages later and I found myself standing looking deep in to this digital precipice with an abundance of career options available. A fantastic new parachute-shaped degree strapped to my back – but is a degree alone enough to stand out from the crowd and help land your dream job?


My internship at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

9 November 2015
Anthea Thurston

Anthea Thurston, MSc Social Business and Sustainable Marketing

My three month internship at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce has just finished and I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by! I began at the Chamber fresh from my MSc course at Salford Business School where I studied Social Business and Sustainable Marketing.

Of course I was a bundle of nerves on my first day at the Chamber. This was my first time ‘off-book!’ What if I was quizzed in depth on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy or what I thought about Porter’s 5 Forces Model!? Should I bring my notes? What if I forgot everything I’ve learned? Or my name!?


Internship: my #SalfordStories

27 September 2015
Rebecca Frankland

Rebecca Frankland

It’s no secret that internships open you up to greater job possibilities than if you were relying solely on having a degree, for the majority of sectors anyway. But aside from the obvious, i.e. gaining skills in your chosen area, what are some other benefits of undertaking an internship in a business?

I am Becca Frankland, Clubs & Electronic Music Editor at Skiddle, the event and ticketing agent, and I would like to talk about my experience interning with Skiddle and how I turned it into my full time job.

I know that Salford Business School students are always encouraged to take an industrial placement or internship, but this advice applies to all courses! During my degree, Journalism BA Hons (Multimedia), at the University of Salford, I was told by my tutors how important it was to gain work experience. That’s why, in June 2014, I started my three month internship with Skiddle as an editorial assistant.


My experience of studying MSc Marketing at Salford Business School

12 August 2015
Katrina Winstanley

Katrina Winstanley

Almost a full year ago I wrote about why I chose to study MSc Marketing at Salford Business School. And now, almost twelve months later, I wanted to write an update on why this is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

When I last wrote about my attendance of the business school, I was two and a half days into my first module… Fast forward a year and I have now finished all four of my Masters modules and have moved on to the Business Innovation Project in order to turn my Postgraduate Diploma into a full MSc in Marketing.

After working extremely hard and overcoming various obstacles and challenges, I have so far been thrilled with my grades, and have most definitely exceeded any initial expectations of myself and hope to continue to do so throughout the somewhat lengthy process of researching, presenting and writing up my final project.


Little Chip Placement Apprenticeship #BigChipAwards winner 2015

2 July 2015
Alex Fenton, Salford Business School

Alex Fenton, Salford Business School

Can a university keep up with the constantly changing digital environment? Here is industry proof – with another of our students being recognised by the industry in the Big Chip Awards 2015.

Keeping up-to-date is a challenge in the world of digital where technologies are disrupting old ways of doing things.

At Salford Business School, out students are given incredible opportunities for placements and internships. This allows students to connect with companies on various levels for mutual benefit. Companies get advice and practical help and students get the real world learning experience and skills that they need.

An excellent recent example, Business Innovation Project is with Web Shop Direct, who are an e-commerce, fashion business based in Macclesfield. Web Shop Direct have been operating since 2005 and consist of UK Swimwear and UK Tights. We were able to assist this company through our industry focused training courses and business internships.


Business Internships: 10 reasons to offer student work placements

30 June 2015
Joanne Egan,  Hotel Desk  Director

Joanne Egan,
Hotel Desk Director

What does Hotel Desk, is a North West UK based venue finding company, thinks about working with Salford Business School students?

Hotel Desk is a small medium-sized enterprise (SME) that has a recent experiences of Business School placements students. We have benefited from digital marketing students who made a great contribution to our business.

I am Jo Egan, Managing Director of  Hotel Desk, and here are my top ten reasons why other local organisations and SMEs could also benefit from providing Business School students work placements.

Narrowing the many benefits down to just ten is the tricky bit, but here we go!