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Puro y Simple: more than just a family business

23 July 2014
Puro y Simple

Puro y Simple

Family businesses within the food industry are very common. Mine is a very pure and simple business. ‘Puro y Simple” (”pure and simple’ in English) is a wholemeal bread manufacturer based in Venezuela. Since 1981, Puro y Simple has specialized on offering Venezuelans an alternative to the traditional white bread, natural wholemeal bread of the highest quality.

Since I was young all I could think of was when I grow up…. I’ll be just like my dad! Indeed, I wanted to be a baker.

I wanted to take part of the family bread manufacturing business. My long journey began six years ago nurturing my business knowledge and understanding that a business encapsulates much more than just manufacturing and selling a product.

I decided to study business enterprise as an undergraduate to understand the importance of innovation within an established business.

I then focused on understanding the food industry. An industry so fruitful and full of opportunities that all I could remember was John Maynard Keynes’ article in which he expressed the idea of the food industry being one of the few sectors less affected by the cycle-crisis in Latin America.


Family business: key challenges and opportunities

14 April 2014
Family business

Family business

This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) considers some of the key challenges and opportunities facing family business.  In particular we will look at…

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Place of family business within the wider business environment

What makes family business different to other businesses? The starting point is a definition of a family business and some examples. This information is presented by Business Information Technology students from Salford Business School.


Basic economics for family business

25 March 2014
Christian Spence Head of Business Intelligence at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Christian Spence, Head of Business Intelligence at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

In the midst of economic hardship, this free massive open online course (MOOC) equips your family business with knowledge of basic economic principles.  These principles underline all economic theory and explain some of the key macroeconomic indicators.

In this MOOC we introduce basic economics for family business:

  • Supply and demand
  • Inflation
  • Inflation and the exchange rate

We also hear from experts in the field of family business including Udeni Salmon, a PhD Researcher in Family Business and Entrepreneurship at Salford Business School; Christian Spence Head of Business Intelligence at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and Professor Ghulam Sorwar, Professor of Finance, also at Salford Business School.