Thomas Cook Corfu deaths and the reign of lawyers

It is a truism that companies that have lasted 100 years tend to be those built on a foundation of ethical principles. Thomas Cook is one of those. But recently it has declined and is in trouble over its handling of the case of two children dying on one of the holidays it arranged. Why […]

Confessions of an Aspergic Professor

“Computers were made by and for people with Asperger’s Syndrome,” goes the joke – but one with a grain of truth. “Academic life suits Aspies” goes another – but is it still true? I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2003, though I had it most of his life, unknown. On discovering this, my wife, […]

How can philosophical analysis help you with business decision making?

We all know it’s easy to overlook important aspects that we take for granted, and overplay the importance of others which. Doing this distorts analysis, generates ‘Groupthink’, makes plans irrelevant, and leads to failure in many projects, especially large information systems projects as we teach on the BSc Business Information Technology and  MSc Information Systems […]