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Running a Successful Family Business

14 April 2014
Nazish Razaq

Nazish Razaq

This free course is prepared by Business Information Technology students. We look at how to run a successful family business by focusing on four aspects of family business:

  • What a family business is
  • Project management tools and techniques
  • Family business marketing principles
  • Family business use of relevant social media networks

After introducing the concept of family business we will consider the benefits of social media, the application of proven marketing techniques and the advantages of using project management tools for improving business performance.


Family business: key challenges and opportunities

14 April 2014
Family business

Family business

This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) considers some of the key challenges and opportunities facing family business.  In particular we will look at…

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Place of family business within the wider business environment

What makes family business different to other businesses? The starting point is a definition of a family business and some examples. This information is presented by Business Information Technology students from Salford Business School.


Sports business introduction: How marketing and social media help sports business?

9 April 2014
Sports Business

Sports Business

Have you ever thought about your favourite sports team as a “business”? This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) takes you through some of the key issues of a sports business. In particular, we will focus on:

  • Social implications of sports business
  • Sports business marketing
  • Social Media in sports business

Do you know how marketing and social media assists sports businesses?


What is Sports Business?

8 April 2014
Australian cyclist Robbie McEwen, Photo by Gsl, 5 January 2007.

Australian cyclist Robbie McEwen, Photo by Gsl

Sports Business is big business. Through the sponsoring of sports teams and events, the world’s biggest brands are demonstrating the power of globally-reaching sports in the business world.

The IBM logo will be one of many that you will see prominently displayed during the Wimbledon tournament, Shell’s presence on Ferrari’s 2014 Formula 1 cars is difficult to miss and the English Premier League is the “Barclays Premier League”.

In this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), prepared by Business Information Technology students, we look at the legal, financial, and marketing aspects of sports business to understand some of the world’s biggest sports teams, events, and brands from a business perspective.