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The top reasons why I decided to return to the University of Salford Business School for my postgraduate studies

23 July 2014
Katrina Winstanley

Katrina Winstanley

My greatest experience at University of Salford was my time spent within the Salford Business School.

An MSc – or Masters – is something I was considering doing for some time. I completed my BSc in Professional Broadcast Techniques and afterwards, in all honesty, felt somewhat lost. Something I feel many graduates may be able to relate to.

However, during my BSc I undertook a module in IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), which was taught within Salford Business School. It became clear to me on reflection of my time spent as a University of Salford undergraduate, where my strengths and weaknesses lie.

For example, I was far more interested in my research for IPR than I was in producing my honours video project. This honesty and clarification was a milestone for myself. Working in a call centre for a soul destroying three months after graduating, I definitely knew that a big change of direction was needed!