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Malawi Needs a Digital Marketer: Salford Business School can help you

21 July 2014
Malawi in Africa

Malawi in Africa (CC) By TUBS

In Malawi the field of digital marketing remains relatively underdeveloped and neglected. For me, someone who is passionate about digital marketing, this is a challenge to develop my career in this area.

The universities and educational opportunities in Malawi are likewise unable to help me to fulfil my career ambitions. In contrast to Malawi, the United Kingdom (UK) based businesses place a great emphasis on digital marketing. The marketing techniques are accordingly advanced and well-established and are taught well in business schools.

I am confident that having exhausted many of the training opportunities available in my country, the resources available at Salford Business School’s MSc Marketing program are ideal for taking my career to the next level as a digital marketer.

Why did I choose Salford Business School to develop my digital marketing skills? Read more…..