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Malawi Needs a Digital Marketer: Salford Business School can help you

By Jul.21, 2014

Malawi in Africa

Malawi in Africa (CC) By TUBS

In Malawi the field of digital marketing remains relatively underdeveloped and neglected. For me, someone who is passionate about digital marketing, this is a challenge to develop my career in this area.

The universities and educational opportunities in Malawi are likewise unable to help me to fulfil my career ambitions. In contrast to Malawi, the United Kingdom (UK) based businesses place a great emphasis on digital marketing. The marketing techniques are accordingly advanced and well-established and are taught well in business schools.

I am confident that having exhausted many of the training opportunities available in my country, the resources available at Salford Business School’s MSc Marketing program are ideal for taking my career to the next level as a digital marketer.

Why did I choose Salford Business School to develop my digital marketing skills?

Digital Marketing at Salford Business School

digital marketer Nicola Wheldrake

Image: Nicola Wheldrake, guest speaker on the MSc Marketing programme 15th July 2014

At Salford Business School I am being taught by highly respected academics who are experts in their field – examples of this expertise include external recognition at European Search Award 2014, Big Chip Award 2014 and the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2014.

Digital Marketer training

Digital Marketer training at MediaCityUK (C) By Jemimah Mwale

  • The MSc Marketing course has a wide range of digital marketing industry speakers who share their experience and offer advice.
  • The academic team teaching Search and Social Media Marketing are also closely involved in international research projects, projects developing Digital Marketing education at international level in close collaboration with the industry.
  • I also have an array of facilities at my disposal and access to the library which includes more than 600,000 books, 35000 e-journals and 400,000 e-books.
  • During my time at Salford Business School, I have gained independence and have all the support I need from the university’s student union, which has 80 activities and sport groups, that help me develop my skills and confidence outside studying.
  • I have also learned how to use some of digital marketing tools such as:
    • creating videos
    • editing videos
    • audio recording
    • using social media to brand myself
    • search engine optimisation

How Salford business school helps me

Salford Business School has helped me choose a field of study which I am passionate about – Digital Marketing. This happened through a partnership of academic supervisors (lectures) and guest speakers from the digital marketing industry. I have been given the opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge and innovative ideas that will enable me to move successfully in to the competitive professional world of digital marketing. I am confident that this knowledge will help me to positively differentiate myself from others.

My #SalfordAmbition

#salford ambitionI have several concrete goals for my MSc experience at Salford Business School: I hope to learn the latest digital marketing techniques and theories, while also expanding my horizons and developing a broader, more international outlook. I am always excited to interact with students of different nationalities and diverse backgrounds, which will provide me with a deeper understanding of different cultures and mindsets.

International Flags

Image (CC) International Flags, by Joel Kramer

From Salford I have learnt to:

  • Engage with complex, challenging, problems and real-world issues
  • Share knowledge and experience with fellow students and staff
  • Understand and communicate effectively with individuals from differing backgrounds and perspectives
  • To manage my individual and collaborative learning processes well
  • I have learnt the importance and how to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO)
  • Learn how to optimize images and videos
  • Understand how to conduct keyword research and analysis
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • Distinguish between different forms of social media marketing activity.
  • Develop creative innovative ideas

I have had an amazing experience at Salford Business School. I have developed friendships which are still growing stronger, am being developed and provided with the skills needed to progress in my career.

MediaCityUK Campus

MediaCityUK Campus (C) by Jemimah Mwale

The school has also helped me push forward past my boundaries of knowledge which is making a big impact in my life.

Salford business school MediaCityUK campus

Salford business school is located in the heart of Manchester 15 minutes away from Manchester city centre. The University of Salford has one of their campus at MediaCityUK, next to BBC and ITV departments, based at Salford Quays.

There is always something to do at MediaCityUK, here is a sample of exciting events taking place. This is just for the one month in July 2014! MediaCityEvents July 2014

Would you like to study MSc in Marketing?

Look for more information on MSc Marketing and other business management courses. Share your thoughts in the comments section below and get in touch via LinkedIn.


18 thoughts on “Malawi Needs a Digital Marketer: Salford Business School can help you

  1. Marlon Jere says:

    As someone who has a passion for my country(Malawi), I agree with the fact that it is a high time that Malawi took digital marketing seriously. There are many ways this can help develop our country. For instance, it can provide more options in terms of area of study, hence, create more job opportunities. Job opportunities in Malawi are scarce because there are a lot of people that have studied in similar areas and compete for the same opportunities due to the lack of options in area of study. Moreover, we are living in a time the digital world is taking over and Malawi needs to catch up.

    As someone who has studied Political Science, I believe that Malawi needs leaders who aren’t afraid of change and have an innovative mind. I believe the government can play a strong part developing the field of digital marketing.

    1. jemimah says:

      Marlon you are right. Malawi has great products also but the problem is companies are not using the right channels to market those products internationally. teaching there marketing experts how to use some digital marketing tools can be beneficial
      to the company as well.

  2. chyke says:

    Digital marketing delights

  3. Tulape Upile Chilunga says:

    Good stuff

  4. Moud says:

    Good stuff Mwale

  5. Elyvin Nkhonjera says:

    Way to go

  6. Faith-Rose Ansah says:

    In this day and age we must be willing to acknowledge the true power of the digital world. We need individuals such as yourself to stand on that pedestal and set the example. Thumbs up for taking center stage and actually doing something about what may often be dismissed as common knowledge.

  7. Joe Junior says:

    jemimah its true Malawi needs digital marketing we should start with the banks by providing its customers with debit cards that they can use over the internet and also companies needs to strengthen their presence online, I know you will help them upon your completion with your studies Malawi needs more pipo like u, when you done first stop I will say it should be PEOPLE TRADING CENTER (PTC) or what ever they call it nowadays

    1. jemimah says:

      Joe you are right about the banks. they need to understand that the would is going digital. will ensure my first should be PTC kikikikikikikikikikikiki

  8. Nsinji says:

    Good stuff jemimah

  9. Ali.achi says:

    Nice work jemimah. Keep going.

  10. jemimah says:

    Thanks for your comment Earnest. That’s true that we are far with internet but not that far, people are now using mobile internet. If i have to put it in percentage that would be approximately 55% or more,companies can use digital marketing to target that segment of people. Malawi has great products as well with the right channels of marketing to get those products on the international market.

  11. Biz says:

    Good work Jemimah, much appreciated

  12. Washie says:

    Good work and on spot. we need to revolutionise this sector.

  13. Fatsani Phelatu says:

    Good work and well presented I agree with Enerst worse still Malawian businesses have a problem of providing information, most times all they give you is the address; and if they put something else its just the vission and mission statement and if lucky product offering without the actual ammount if you want to find out how much somethig costs you physically have to go there.

  14. Richard T says:

    Thumbs up Jemimah! Go for it

  15. malazi mkandawire says:

    I have two thoughts about the article. 1st, I think the article introduces digital marketing and course contents superbly. 2nd, I think the article does not tell how Malawi can benefit from digital marketing – maybe it was hidden so that we can infer from course contents….. I give it 8/10.

  16. Maria Godwa says:

    good stuff Jemimah!

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