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How do our digital business students work with industry?

1 May 2018
Dr Yun Chen talks about how your digital business can work with the University of Salford

Dr Yun Chen talks about how your digital business can work with the University of Salford

Have you heard about digital business transformation? Here at Salford we have and we want to be part of the process that helps transform your digital businesses. Do you want to know how our students work with internal and external partners?

I am Dr Yun Chen and I run two modules working closely with industry bringing our undergraduate students within the digital business transformation process. My Mobile App Development module is a great example. This year our students developed real applications and more importantly, they worked with our established industry partners Apadmi and Sigma too benchmarking their skills against industry standards.

Could your business benefit from a number of fresh pairs of eyes looking at your app development project needs? Like you, I know that mobile devices are one of the most popular channels that help people engage people with digital businesses activities. This means it is really essential now to make sure that students understand not just the mobile technologies and theories of design but also its implementation in the real world. Let me tell you more about how Salford Business School does this.


The impact of social media in higher education

23 September 2015

You may well be wondering why a nurse has been invited to blog for Salford Business School, I asked the same question until I recognised that using social media in nurse education is part of our business. As a lecturer in children’s nursing, I am also part of the fitness for professional practice team and a few years ago I noticed an increase in referrals of student misconduct using social media platforms.

At the same time I was seeing a decrease in student communication via more traditional channels of email, telephone and the virtual learning environment and instead I was being asked by some students to use social media.

In an attempt to try something different, I began in 2012 with a personal twitter account (@wlasinclair) wondering if anyone was even interested in my posts. I had incorrectly presumed that all of our students would use twitter and even more inaccurately believed that they would communicate with me via twitter.


From Salford MBA to Debt Solution Centre

25 July 2014
Muhammad Rafiq

Muhammad Rafiq

Welcome all allow me to take you through a journey from University of Salford MBA all the way through to working at Debt Solution Centre Limited, ‘oh’ and all the bits in between.

Who am I?

Well I’m a graduate in BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science from the University of Salford, currently working at Debt Solution Centre Limited. Avid follower/supporter of Liverpool FC and a keen traveller.

22 years of age I graduated from University of Salford in Biomedical Science in 2012. But I decided to explore other avenues and get a degree in business. Shortly after graduation I decided to pursue an MBA at the University of Salford starting September 2013 at the age of 23.


Salford Business School Graduation – Mission Impossible

24 July 2014
Danqi Tang

Danqi Tang

I graduated! I am now officially a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Business and Management!

I have to say that it is the first ever graduation that I had. I missed Middle and High School graduation due to all sorts of reasons. For me Middle and High School is just the difference between level 17th of hell and 18th of hell. Well, we did not actually have a graduation that made us feel really happy.

My undergraduate graduation at Salford Business School on Friday 18th July is where I felt that my effort during the course has been acknowledged and celebrated.

I have to admit, I really did struggle at the very beginning as I could barely follow what Dr. xxx said in the lecture. I had no friends and my parents were 5600 mile away, basically I got nothing but myself. I started to live a life myself and I think this is all common for all international students, especially Chinese students (due to all sorts of cultural reasons, not quite sure about it).


What did Salford MBA students do in May 2014?

23 July 2014

Bodnarec, Zenia, Salford MBA student

I am an MBA student at the University of Salford.  I chose Salford University as I felt that the rich and extensive programme they offer would be the most beneficial and useful for my career progression.

Part of the Salford MBA course is a customary trip abroad to visit different business’ and business schools. This year was no exception and we were lucky to have a choice of 3 destinations:  Brazil, Hong Kong and Almeria in Spain.

Some of us chose Brazil (10 students) but myself and seven other students opted for Hong Kong.

With it’s thriving economy and being the world’s business Hub – Hong Kong (HK) was certainly the best option in my opinion! Read more…..