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A great way to learn about leadership and what is takes to be an exceptional leader is to listen to those that have excelled in leadership positions. Individuals that have led multi-million pound companies, driven innovation, and changed the way we live our lives.

How can Professional Development help you?

A key theme from the selection of business leaders presented in this blog is the need for aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs to develop their own skills. Jack Welch the ex CEO and chairman of General Electric states “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself, when you become a leader success is all about growing others”

Importantly in order to become a leader you need to grow yourself.

Bill Gates the computer Mogul and philanthropist supports the need to help others develop “we look ahead into the next century,leaders will be those that empower others.” This is not limited to aspiring leaders as Indrya Nooyi the CEO of Pepsi states.

“Just because you are CEO, don’t think you have landed. You must continually increase your learning, the way you think, and the way you approach the organisation, I’ve never forgotten them.”

Adding to your current skill set will enable you to empower your staff, whilst providing you with the tools to present your vision. James Dyson the innovator behind Dyson Vacuum cleaners sums this notion up perfectly

“How pretty a sketch looks isn’t important it’s all about communicating ideas to those around you”

Alan Sugar agrees with James Dyson’s emphasis on ‘communication’ by drawing links between being a good leader, and the ability to present a clear vision. “A good leader is not necessarily the most popular person in their business, but the best ones are liked because they are respected for their clarity and vision”

Steve Jobs: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

Karren Brady, who is known most notably for paving the way for women in the football boardroom, believes that ambition is realizing to champion your career. One way of championing your career is to invest into it, thus continuing to be at the forefront of your industry. Warren Buffett firmly believes that “if you’re going to be thinking anything you might as well think big”.

The Certificate in Executive Business Administration (CEBA) often referred to as the ‘Mini MBA’, is ideal for those that ‘think big’. The course created by Salford University, Times Education Business School of the Year 2014. The 5 day course covers, leadership and development, customer value, search and social media, financial management, and organisational strategy. The CEBA course is ideal for directors, senior managers, middle managers and aspiring leaders.

The next enrolment commences in October in Salford, with limited places available. The course is not restricted to the North West with our Central London course starting in November of this year; secure your place now. There is also availability in February and April 2016 if required.

Before you do here is one more quote from the Virgin Boss, Richard Branson,

 “You shouldn’t blindly accept a leader’s advice; you’ve got to question leaders on occasion.”











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