Teleworking: A sustainable travel option

The BBC News Magazine looks at the growth in employers offering home working to their employees and how technological advances have helped facilitate the increase in people working from home.

Teleworking is an excellent sustainable travel option, due to the fact that it requires no travel at all. The need to commute is removed which has knock on benefits as less demand is placed on the transport network during the congested morning and afternoon peaks. The employee saves on travel expenses and the environment also benefits from a reduction in travel related emissions.

The time spent travelling can also be utilised better allowing for a flexible working approach as the employee does not need to leave home/work at a certain time to catch a specific train or avoid the traffic.

Obviously, not all professions would allow this practice but a signficant proportion of the working population could make use of teleworking, if only for one or two days a week.

To read the full article which looks at home working from different perspectives click here.

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