Salford staff walk 134 miles in Walk to Work Week challenge

As part of the national Walk to Work Week challenge (14-18 May), Salford staff swapped their cars for a healthy stroll to the office and clocked up an impressive 134 miles, saved 23.23kg of CO2* and burned off a combined total of 12,869 calories.

All staff were invited to take part in the challenge with the opportunity to win a complimentary therapy treatment at the Health Hub. The winner of the treatment was Esme Caulfield from Student Life, who also logged the most miles during the week (17.8).

Andy Binder, Travel and Transport officer, said, “Well done to Esme and all those who logged their walking trips to and from work and around campus. It just goes to show what a difference exchanging your car for alternative modes of travel can make.”

Here are a few questions with our Walk to Work Week winner Esme Caulfield:

How did you reach your total of 18 miles?

All my miles were to and from work – in fact I usually do more but I got a lift in a couple of times.

Are you a keen walker in your spare time?

I do like walking in my spare time but I wouldn’t say I’m keen!  My main reason for walking to walk is that I don’t/can’t drive or ride a bike and the bus takes too long and isn’t particularly convenient.

Is walking your primary mode of travel to the University?

Yes it is, I walk in and home pretty much every day, summer and winter, rain or shine.  I wear trainers or hiking boots if the weather is bad and have a massive parka to keep warm in! 

I love walking to work – I get fresh air every day, I get to see the seasons change, see a lot or urban wildlife and it’s really good ‘headspace’ – both for planning my day in the morning, and reflecting on it on the way home.  I manage to solve a lot of problems and come up with ideas during my walks to work! Plus it’s lovely having some fresh air each day.

To find out more about the Walk to Work Week challenge, please visit

The Greater Manchester Cycle Challenge is still underway and you can take part until the closing date on 5 June. The challenge is an opportunity for everyone to get on their bikes and have some fun competing against other workplaces within Greater Manchester.

The competition is based on participation and not how far or fast you can cycle.

Andy said, “We hope that as many colleagues as possible join us in the Challenge and ride a bike for at least 10 minutes until Tuesday 5 June 2012 to be in with a chance of winning some great prizes.

“So far we’ve cycled a total of 3,138 miles, burned 97,290 calories and saved 585kg of CO2*, which is almost as much as a flight for one person from London to New York! (610kg). Join us today to help us reach the top of the leader board.”

For information and registration for the cycle challenge, please visit and join colleagues from across the University who have already signed up.

If you have would like any further information about the challenge, please contact Andy on 55323 or email

*compared to the same trips being taken in an average car

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