Welcome Week 2012 Round Up

Well, Welcome Week is over for another year and we on the Sustainability Team can finally breathe! Thank you to everyone who came and visited Bec, Andy, Teo and myself at our sustainability stand at the Welcome Expo. I hope you all managed to jump on our bicycle powered Smoothie Maker or raced on the Scalectrix.



This year’s stand gave out some fabulous advice on energy saving tips, how and what to recycle in halls, buying Fairtade products and great travel advice on alternative methods of travelling to the University. If you missed this or want more information on cheap travel around the UK visit Andy’s travel pages.

We were also visited by the lovely people at the NUS’ Student Switch off Campaign. This year Salford is taking part by organising an energy saving competition between our halls of residence at Horlock, Constantine, Castle Irwell, Bramhall, John Lester and Eddie Coleman. If you want to win amazing prizes throughout the year (its sponsored by Ben and Jerry’s!!) and a massive party at the end of year for the winning hall then simply ‘like’ their Facebook page now!

So what else have we got coming up this year?

We have 2 events coming up soon for you to get involved in.

9th October – This semesters Swishing Party at Café Yours from 6pm. The University is committed to reducing the amount of textile waste going to landfill. To help with this we have partnered with Traid, a textile recycling charity, to run a series of swishing parties where you can bring along your unwanted clothes and simply swop them with someone else! It’s a great night and a great way to get a new outfit without spending a penny. Also look out for more information on our sewing workshops and fashion fairs.

10th October – This year’s first Wallness Lane Clean Up. The clean up event is on the 10th October 12-2pm on Wallness Lane, Peel Campus. This event sees staff and students getting together for a couple of hours to help clean up around the heavily used Wallness Lane cut through. Taking part in this event also goes towards your Student Life Award hours.

If you would like any more information on these events or future events ‘like’ our Facebook page or email eps-sustainability@salford.ac.uk.

The team will be holding events throughout the year so feel free to come over and talk to us.

Peddle Power!

Peddle Power!

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