Edible University

We are excited to be launching our latest project, Edible University!

After receiving £1,000 from the University’s annual fund (thank you alumni, friends and staff of the University) we are setting up our very own food growing scheme, free and open to all students and staff members.

We are currently experimenting with growing vegetables and herbs in our on-campus greenhouse and are already seeing signs of life. Check out our photographs of what has been happening over the past 2 weeks.
















Our Edible University project has been sparked by the wonderful Incredible Edible work done in Todmorten and Prestwich and a great visit to Edible University York.

So what is the aim of the project I hear you say….

To introduce staff and students to sustainable food, help to reduce food waste, to promote healthy eating and to help people to grow their own food.

We will be taking over planters and small pieces of land around the University come the Spring so we will be keeping you up-to-date with what is growing where. Staff and students are welcome to pick what they want, whenever they want, for FREE. Need some herbs for your tea tonight? Come along and pick some leaves. Need some vegetables to bulk up your meal? Come and take some broccoli and broad beans. Staff and students are invited to come along and help out whenever they have free time and will have first pick of the produce.

We will be updating our blog regularly with how we are getting along so keep checking back. If you want more information on how to get involved email eps-sustainability@salford.ac.uk.

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