Get involved in our Big Thinking Trail for a glimpse into the future

Take a walk around Peel Park and check out the Big Thinking Trail to find out what University of Salford staff hope to see in the future and what we can get started on today to help make it a reality.

The Big Thinking Trail is an interactive walk which encourages everyone to consider the future and potential developments in several areas including, but not limited to, the future of health and wellbeing following the pandemic, mental health and kindness to each other and our planet, and inclusivity in society.

Take part in the Big Thinking Trail and let us know your thoughts on what you are looking forward to seeing in the future!

Originating from a recent Salford Conversations event where staff discussed some of the movements and progress made over the past 100 years (for example, the creation of the NHS and progress towards gender equality), the Big Thinking Trail can be completed between Tuesday 19 April and Tuesday 3 May around Peel Park.

To help us understand what our University community would ​​​​like to see happen in the future, we asked staff:

“The past 100 years have seen movements around gender equality, and free healthcare with the creation of the NHS, amongst other things. In 2022 and beyond, what’s ours to do in this time?”

We recorded their responses on SoundCloud and by scanning a QR code at various points along the trail, you can hear what they would like to see happen in the future. By scanning a second QR code which will take you to a Microsoft Form, you are able to share your own thoughts, too. 

Elaine Robertson, Organisation Development Specialist at the University, and creator of The Big Thinking Trail, said: “The first step towards a better future is to start imagining what it could be like and the Big Thinking Trail is a great way to do that. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get out there and start thinking about what we can do in the future and listen to what our University community thinks, too.”

How can I complete the Big Thinking Trail?

The Big Thinking Trail can be completed for a limited time only from Tuesday 19 April to Tuesday 3 May.

Get your steps in whilst taking part using the app what3words to find all the posters.

Using the map below to plan your route, staff, students and park visitors can scan a QR code on 6 posters located around the park that will take you to a SoundCloud audio recording of an answer from a staff member at Salford.

The trail takes between 15 minutes to complete and averages at around 1000 steps depending on the route that you choose to take.

There is also another QR code which you can scan that will take you to a form where you can share your own thoughts on what you would like to see happen in the future. Simply download the app what3words on the App Store or Google Play and type in the corresponding three words shown on each point on the map to find each poster.

The Big Thinking Trail map

Use the app or website what3words to find the locations above.

Have you completed the trail?

We would love to hear your thoughts on the trail if you have had chance to complete it.

Please let us know what you think by filling out the survey here, or emailing Elaine.

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