Meet the Team: Megan Hubbard, Graduate Sustainability Communication & Engagement Officer

Works with both the Sustainability Office and the Students Union. The role involves supporting the Sustainability Communications and Engagement Strategy, whilst also assisting in student-focussed sustainability projects and volunteering. Ultimately, helping to raise awareness and engage staff and students on environmental and sustainability issues.

Recently graduated in BSc Environmental Management at the University of Salford. Engaged in a variety of volunteering with many organisations including the Mersey Rivers Trust and Salford Rangers. Accrued experience through a SHEQ internship in a construction company, undertaking work ranging from waste, energy, to sustainability and environmental management systems.

  • Teamwork working well within a tight-knit team allows for mutual support, a positive work environment and the smooth delivery of work.
  • Adaptability communication and problem solving are crucial when working on projects and allow you to overcome changes in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Time-management – there are many competing deadlines, so its important to stay on top of your workload and prioritise appropriately.

Take part in volunteering and activities in your local community, it allows you to meet new people, grow your skill set and learn more about the initiatives taking place both locally and regionally!

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