Meet the Team: Neva Mowl, Education for Sustainable Development Officer

Lead on work to embed Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into the formal curriculum, to ensure that students graduate with the knowledge and competencies to address sustainability issues. Developing a University wide and strategic approach to ESD and provide support to academics.

Previously held a role at Salford in the Environmental Team within Estates & Facilities, working at Birmingham City University as an Environmental Officer after this. Experience in environmental education at various organisations. BSc (Hons) Biology (environmental modules) and work related training including IEMA Lead Environmental Auditor Course.

Communication – advocating for/raising awareness of ESD and wider sustainability. Delivering presentations and workshops, listening to/empathising with people and adapting communication approaches.

Organisation – many elements to manage so it’s important to stay organised and prioritise. Use project management techniques to ensure things happen on time and to a high quality.

Sense of determination – need to be resilient and stay motivated even when things are challenging. Learn from the times that things don’t go to plan.

Get involved – embrace opportunities like training, volunteering or being in the committee of a society. There are lots of sustainability initiatives at Salford!

Develop your skills now – think about the skills and experience you need for your desired roles. Find opportunities to develop these while at uni, through your degree and anything additional.

All sectors are increasingly demanding sustainability skills – even if you’re not going into a classic ‘green’ job, there will be opportunities to contribute to a sustainable future within any role.

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