Campaign General

We’re a Gold Accredited Hedgehog Friendly Campus!

Our HFC team has been working hard to achieve Gold accreditation after being awarded Silver in January 2022. By completing a list of 30 actions, we managed to reach this next major milestone. The actions included running hedgehog surveys and awareness campaigns, hosting a Hedgehog Coffee Morning where we raised over £50 for BHPS, working with the local community to litter pick, as well as setting up hedgehog houses and a litter picking hub on campus.

Our submission received excellent feedback, with the judges calling it a strong and varied Gold application and highlighting the activities around staff, student and community engagement, particularly the litter picking hub which had a strong legacy aspect to it.

HFC at Salford in numbers

  • Six hedgehog champions and ambassadors
  • 30 actions to make the University more hedgehog friendly
  • We’ve planted over 200 hedgehog-friendly trees
  • Completed ten litter picks
  • Built six bug and hedgehog houses
  • Created one hedgehog highway

Become a Hedgehog Friendly Campus Ambassador or Champion!

What’s the difference between an Ambassador and a Champion?


  • Unlimited positions available
  • 1 hour per month
  • Attend working group meetings
  • Make campaign resources
  • Attend/organise activities
  • Attend/organise fundraisers
  • Gather evidence for toolkits
  • Make links with the community and other staff to help hedgehogs
  • Manage social media accounts


  • Ideally one student and one colleague (2 positions available)
  • 1-2 hours per month
  • Leading meetings
  • Coming up with and organising activities
  • Submitting toolkits
  • Making links with other departments to create change for hedgehogs
  • Requesting resources from HFC
Campaign Events

The Big Hog-Friendly Litter Pick Challenge

Litter is one of the main threats to hedgehogs living in urban environments. Unfortunately, many of them die because of it every year. To help create a safe and welcoming space for them on our campus, we’ve signed up to this year’s Big Hog-Friendly Litter Pick Challenge!

About the challenge

The challenge takes place between 20th September and 30th November 2022. The more litter we pick, the higher our chance of winning a hedgehog house and a bag of food for our campus! All participants (whether from the winning team or not) will also receive a digital certificate in recognition of their efforts.

To count in the challenge, the litter picks do not have to take place on campus or in groups – litter can be collected on your street, in a park, during a walk – wherever! Everyone is welcome to join – not only our staff and students but also anyone from our local community. You can even invite your family to join in, wherever they live.

The next litter pick will take place in Peel Park on Tuesday, 4th October , 15:00-16:00. Sign up here.

Take photos of your bags full of litter and email them to Marta at These don’t have to be bin bags – you can use any bags you’ve got, e.g. shopping bags; this will be accounted for by the judges. At the end of the challenge, we’ll send all photos to the Hedgehog Friendly Campus Team. We’ve now also got a Litter Picking Hub on campus – get in touch with us in touch with us if you’d like to borrow litter picking equipment.

By taking part in the challenge you’ll also help us work towards the next Hedgehog Friendly Campus awardWe received Silver earlier this year and we’re now working towards Gold. 

Litter picking safety tips

Please avoid:

  • Sharp objects (e.g. broken glass)
  • Clinical waste (e.g. syringes)
  • Hazardous areas (e.g. fast running rivers)
  • Litter picking by yourself if possible
  • Heavy lifting

Please ensure that you:

  • Wear gloves
  • Cover any cuts
  • Keep hands away from your eyes and mouth
  • Wash hands straight away after litter picking
  • Wear sturdy, appropriate footwear and waterproofs if needed
  • Recycle any plastic, glass and aluminium
  • Adhere to the Government Covid procedures 
  • If you find any dangerous, poisonous or hazardous materials, contact the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60.

  • Here you can find more info about the Hedgehog Friendly Campus at Salford.
  • Read our previous blog post to learn more about how litter affects hedgehogs.
  • Want to get involved in the campaign? Click here to join our working group on Teams!
  • Follow the University of Salford Hedgehog Friendly Campus team on social media: Twitter and Instagram
Campaign Events General

How littering affects hedgehogs

Happy Hedgehog Awareness Week! 

This annual event aims to raise the profile of hedgehogs in the UK and spread awareness of the problems they face, as well as the ways we can help them. Hedgehogs have been listed as vulnerable on the Red List for Britain’s native mammals, which highlights species at risk of extinction in the next 20 years.

As hedgehogs and other animals move to the expanding urban areas, they face a number of threats and challenges – one of which is littering. In fact, RSPCA receives about 5,000 calls a year about animals affected by this. Hedgehogs are particularly at risk, as they are inquisitive by nature, which often causes them to get stuck or entangled in rubbish while looking for food. Here’s a list of household items which are the most common causes of harm to hedgehogs, along with some tips to prevent that.

  • Plastic bags – this includes shopping bags and bin bags. Hedgehogs can get inside them and suffocate, or try to eat them and choke. Tip: tie a knot in the top of the bag before disposal.
  • Plastic can holders – hedgehogs can get entangled in them or suffer wounds or choke. Tip: cut each loop open before recycling.
  • Balloons – hedgehogs can swallow them and choke. Tip: deflate and cut balloons before disposal. Or, better yet, opt for paper decorations and recycle them afterwards. 
  • Plastic containers and cans – hedgehogs can get stuck in these, or injured by sharp edges. Tip: clean and empty containers after use and pinch cans shut, or cut containers in half before disposal.
  • Elastic bands – hedgehogs can get entangled in these or swallow them and choke. Tip: reuse elastic bands when possible and cut them open before disposal.
  • Chewing gum – hedgehogs can get stuck in it or try eat it and choke. Tip: dispose of it in the bin (it’s best to use a dedicated recycling bin, if there’s one around you).
  • Glass – hedgehogs can get trapped in containers such as jars, or injured on broken glass. Tip: clean and recycle.
  • Netting – this includes nets used for plants, fruit and vegetables, sports nets, etc. Hedgehogs can get entangled in these. Tip: try to avoid buying produce sold in nets, or cut them open before disposal. For tree netting, here you can find a wildlife friendly netting guide.

The best, and easiest, way to help hedgehogs on a daily basis is to make sure that we dispose of our rubbish responsibly by putting it in the correct bin, and reusing items whenever we can. You can also make a donation to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society here to support their work.

Join us this afternoon for the Hedgehog Awareness Litter Pick to help keep our local area clear of litter and safe for spiky visitors. Sign up here.

Sources: RSPCA, British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Campaign Fundraising General

Introducing HFC

Welcome to the University of Salford’s Hedgehog Friendly Campus very first blog post! I’ll use this opportunity to introduce both Hedgehog Friendly Campus and explain why staff and students at the University of Salford decided to take part.

The hedgehog is one of Britain’s best known and most loved mammals yet they are in desperate need of our help. Numbers have fallen dramatically in the last 20 years with the population shrinking by over a third since the millennium. Hedgehog Friendly Campus is a fantastic initiative that aims to help reverse this trend by partnering with university staff , students and the local community to make campuses places where hedgehogs can thrive.

The University of Salford’s HFC Team is a relatively new group, formed in June 2020 we are aiming for Bronze accreditation as a Hedgehog Friendly Campus. Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19 staff and students have pulled together to form a working group and complete a number of actions that all add up to help raise awareness of the problems faced by our prickly friends and ensure that any spikey visitors to campus can do so safely and may be encourages to become permanent residents.

The University’s first hedgehog house made by the staff in the UoS Maker Space.

Some of the steps completed have included building what is hoped to be the first of several hedgehog houses, launching our social media channels, making sure all UoS strimmer’s have hedgehog friendly stickers attached and running a Bonfire awareness campaign.

One of the images from our #liftlooklike Bonfire Awareness Campaign

We hope to continue completing actions over the next three months in order to achieve Bronze accreditation in early 2021. To find out more or join the team e-mail or follow us on Social Media.

Until next time,

The UoS Hedgehog Friendly Campus Team x